Tea and Tunes

As we sit together waiting on the water to boil for tea, my husband and I are jamming with some tunes from Blackmill and some music from my son’s playlist.

I hope you enjoy this bit of music from Blackmill. I only have one video to post but it’s almost an hour of music.


Yes. I understand this because it’s what I do!

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A little something about me…


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More Coffee and Tunes

I didn’t get enough this morning. :D Here are a few more tunes for you to enjoy with your coffee…or whatever beverage you prefer!

(You might get three for the price of one with this link!)

And here’s a Koda mix. I really like Koda! Hope you enjoy these tunes!

Coffee and Tunes

Only one…but it’s a decent length. I hope you enjoy it!

You don’t love someone for..


That’s the truth! At least, it’s been this way for me.

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“You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”
― Oscar Wilde

watercolor on paper-selfportrait

watercolor on paper-selfportrait

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Tea and Tunes

I’m tired but I still wanted to listen to (and share) some tunes tonight. I hope you enjoy these! I’m sharing from SoundCloud again because I’m just having too many issues with YouTube at night.

And a longer mix….


Tea and Tunes

I guess you can tell that I’m sort of out of it on work day mornings. Otherwise this post would’ve been done this morning with a title of ‘Coffee and Tunes’. Anyway, here’s the set of tunes I’m checking out while I wait on and drink my tea with my awesome husband.

I think I may have shared this next one before but since I’ve been so busy, I can hardly focus when I listen. It won’t hurt me to hear it again. And even my listeners may want to do the same. I hope. :)

And here’s your long mix. I hope you enjoy this one. I haven’t heard it before so it’s new for me, too!

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s tunes! Feel free to leave comments. :)




I thought this was a beautiful and truthful poem. It certainly applies to me!

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Don’t step on the cracks.

We’ve been warned since birth.

What will happen?

Will we break our mother’s back?

That won’t happen.

But we don’t want to fall

between the cracks in life.

We don’t want to be lost

in the sea of humanity.

We want to be noticed.

Noticed in our own right.

For what we believe in.

For what we do.

So don’t fall between the cracks.

Hold your head up high.

Stand straight.

Stand tall.

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Coffee and Tunes

Yes. It’s 4:23 and I’m drinking some coffee. It’s the last bit that was in the pot and coffee is too precious to waste. I couldn’t get YouTube to work for some odd reason so I’ll be sharing tunes from SoundCloud today. I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much! If you’ve never checked out SoundCloud, you should definitely browse the site while you have a chance. Musicians from all over can upload and share their work, whether they are just starting out or have done a few gigs. There are even some who are really going strong in the music industry! The theme I chose for today is ‘solace’, mainly because it was one of the titles of the songs that pulled up in my YouTube suggestions but goodness knows, we all could do with a bit of serenity after a hectic day’s work and music is one area in which I find solace. I hope you will enjoy these tunes. :)

Coffee and Tea and Tunes

I started this post earlier today. And then my day starting rolling and I got sidetracked (Me? Sidetracked? Naw…) and forgot all about it. So The first two tunes were taken with coffee and the last long mix is to be taken with tea!


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