Reading and Chilling

I’ve been reading one of my favorite books to our two youngest baby goats. “Paradise Lane” by William Taylor has been on my top ten list since I first read it in middle school. It’s a bit different than what I usually read to them. It’s a drama. I usually read fantasies, fairy tales, or classics to them. I know I’ll have to fight my way through an onset of tears when we get to the climax of the book but it’s definitely worth all that. I don’t think the book is in print anymore, but if you happen to luck up and find a copy, you should definitely give it a try.

Here’s a chillstep mix for you. I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be listening while I drink my tea and cut out a pattern for a formal military-style jacket for my husband. It’s colonial in style but I’m going to do my best to add a hundred years or so to it. If anyone is insterested, I’ll be posting photos on my other blog, Kittles Family Artworks. This is also the reason I haven’t been blogging as often. I’ve got to finish getting 5 steampunk costumes together by next Wednesday. I’m pretty sure I can do it and I’m certainly giving it my all.

Coffee and Tunes and Rambling On

This month is flying by. Maybe it’s because everything that could happen in April is happening in April. I dunno… Our 20th wedding anniversary, our oldest baby goat’s birthday, the Steampunk Ball, children’s play auditions…I’m swamped with things to do and things to make and things to buy. I’m going to need two months to recuperate after April is done. I won’t get them though. *chuckle* Such is life. I’ll just catch a few naps here and there, be sure to breathe deeply when I can, and press on. And now, I’m going to finish the coffee that I didn’t get to drink this morning before heading to our church service and listen to some awesome tunes.

I decided to check out one of the recommended artists on my soundcloud home page, Kashuk. I’m really liking his stuff. Click here if you’d like to check it out. Instrumental dance/electronica type music so far…

In other news, I’m moving along with the preparations for the Steampunk ball. The shirt I was going to wait on but decided to go ahead and finish up is done. I think it came out well. So I wore it to church this morning. Big mistake. I spilled coffee on my new, cream-colored shirt. *sigh* Well, at least it should wash out. You can’t see the coffee in the edits, at least, I don’t think you can. I tried to edit them so the coffee splatters didn’t show so much.

I used a vintage pattern to make this handkerchief hem, bell sleeved shirt. Simplicity Jiffy pattern number 7569.

I used a vintage pattern to make this handkerchief hem, bell sleeved shirt. Simplicity Jiffy pattern number 7569.


I think this one may show the shirt off better. With one arm down, you can see where the sleeve ends. With the other arm extended you can see the shape of the sleeve pretty well.

I think this one may show the shirt off better. With one arm down, you can see where the sleeve ends. With the other arm extended you can see the shape of the sleeve pretty well.

I am really confused about why the text is posting between the two photos but, hey! What do I know? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos. I plan on wearing this shirt under a bustier-style top and a midi-underbust-corset-type shirt. I also have two skirts to wear with it. In all honesty, it’s quite a comfy shirt and so easy to make. I can’t wait to put a couple more of them together.








And here are some more tunes you might enjoy.

And now that I’ve overloaded the folks with slower internet speeds (I’m so very sorry about that! I totally feel your pain.), I’ll close for today. Have a great Easter/Spring Break/holiday/weekend!

Now Listening To…

Waking up…eggs boiling for the baby goats to get creative later…drinking coffee…chocolate cake for breakfast…all is right with the world. Ok, so all is right in /my/ sector…

This first link might take you to the playlist the video I listened to is included in. The whole list looks pretty awesome. I hope you enjoy it.


Now Listening To…

It’s getting close to tea time for me. I must’ve worked pretty hard today because I am surely too tired for there to be any other excuse. Hope you enjoy these tunes and wishing you all a happy Friday!

This is the first time I’ve sat down and actually listened to one of Fireflight’s songs. I really like this one! The video’s pretty powerful, too.

And a bit of dubstep…

And a couple of chillstep tunes…

Now Listening To…

Having a somewhat rough day so the music I’m listening to today will either reflect that, or help ward it off. This first song was probably created with larger speakers in mind. I’m almost positive it isn’t supposed to sound the way it does at the beginning. I’m pretty sure there’s a fair amount of bass going on that my poor laptop speakers just can’t handle. Hope you guys have better luck!

…and a long chillstep mix. I think this is the first time I’ve posted from this person’s channel on YouTube. I went ahead and subscribed. It’s pretty nice!

And now I’m going to finish up my ginger/green tea blend while listening to these tunes. Until next time…

Now Listening To…

Now Listening To…

Enjoying my last cup of coffee of the day and listening to these tunes, among others. We (my family and I) have a wonderful friend and theater Brother who is also a talented musician. Please do click here to check out Zig the Ripper for some pretty awesome rap and hip hop tunes. He just uploaded some new instrumentals to the site today.

Now Listening To…

We have rainy weather passing through and these songs seem most appropriate for that. The first is a dubstep reincarnation of Rachmaninoff’s ‘Prelude in C Sharp Minor’ and the second is a dance remix of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. My son brought both of them to my attention and you should know that the first one will not sound like anything unless you have good speakers.

And here’s a chillstep piece for you.

Now Listening To…

…Music to scream and break to. When I find myself in a place where I feel my hands are tied and there isn’t much else I can do to fix whatever problems exist, I like to listen to a few good songs. They aren’t necessarily inspiring, or even awe-inspiring, but they remind me that I’m not the only person with troubles and tomorrow is a new day. A little music…a lot of prayer…I break…and then I heal.

The first two are from Manafest (rap), with the first one being an extra win for Naruto fans.

And a little Metallica (metal ballad)…

And a little Big Bang…this is not the Big Bang many of you are thinking of. *grin* (K-pop)

Now Listening To…

My focus this month is Steampunk. We have an opportunity to go to a Steampunk event and I’m busy putting five costumes together. And I am always wondering where my time goes! *wry chuckle* So I thought I’d look for some appropriate tunes.

OK, the next one made me laugh at one point and I pretty much smiled through the rest of the song. Interesting…and probably not everyone’s cup of tea…but I thought it was share-worthy.

Don’t know much about Steampunk? Not sure what to wear to a Steampunk event? The artwork shown with the music in this video is just for you.

Hope you enjoy the above tunes. But since they’re not much for winding down, I’ll add a chill mix.

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