Tea and Tunes

We took a pleasant break over the weekend. That’s part of the reason I’ve not been posting regularly. I’ve also been attempting to make sense of all the projects and activities I need to keep track of for our family and my business. It’s a bit of a scary mess, actually. Anyway, as we take it easy winding down with our cups of tea…

Here’s a chill playlist from a new channel I started following at the time I made my last tunes post: Keep Me Chilled. I hope you’ll enjoy the playlist.

A New Look

I updated my blog today. I decided I needed something fresh and new here, as well. I hope you’ll enjoy the new blog. I hope /I/ enjoy the new style. I’m going to try posting different ways to see how the posts show up.

"East Or West, Family Is Best" ~ photo by me ~ These are my most important people, the people who have my heart.
“East Or West, Family Is Best” ~ photo by me ~ These are my most important people, the people who have my heart.

Tea and Tunes

It’s been a little while since my last tea and tunes post. We were so busy yesterday, following the storm action in our area. And I’ve also been working on some art challenges and pushing myself creatively. And the weather turned cooler…finally. So tonight’s mug of tea will be warmly welcomed indeed! Check out these tunes! I have two 30 (+/-) minute tune mixes to share with you today. I found a new channel on YouTube. KeepMeChilled…check it out!

Tea and Tunes

Tonight as I explore on Instgram and share finds with my husband, while drink our much needed tea and wind down from a somewhat hectic Saturday, these are our lullabies. All from Electus tonight…

And this link should take you to an Electus playlist. I don’t know if the video here will allow the entire list to play. If it doesn’t, just click the youtube icon to watch/listen at the site.

Throwback Thursday: Feel Good


I really enjoyed reading this!

Originally posted on petitemagique:

On ‘Throwback Thursdays’ I want to share some older Poems and post of mine. I hope you will enjoy!

A while ago, I made ‘Weekly Feel Good posts’.

And since it’s  bullying awareness and prevention month, I want to share one of those with you! :)

This one is for all of you who ever been bullied, felt worthless, ugly or just not good enough.

I hope that you will enjoy it. (to read more Weekly feel good posts’ search my archives)


It’s time to take a look in the mirror and just feel good about ourselves! :)

So, this week we WILL take a look in that mirror

The first thing most of us see when we look in a mirror are the things we DON’T like about ourselves.

Today is different. We are going to spot some things we DO like about ourselves! Yes, everyone can name…

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Tea and Tunes

OK. So, I know I’ve posted quite a bit more than usual. This will be my last post of the day. Two tunes from Electus and a long chill mix, just for you tonight. :) Now I’m going to go drink my loose leaf green and enjoy these tunes with my husband.

For those not familiar…


Check out this tune from James Revels III!

Originally posted on Audio SeXXX:

In about a month I plan on releasing the first single to my upcoming album. ( more details to be announced as the month progresses) until then, in case you aren’t familiar with my music here’s a short little earworm for you to digest. Its free to download like everything else on my bandcamp. Enjoy.
Thanks in advance for listening!

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