Coffee and Tunes

A long dubstep/chillstep mix for you to enjoy with your coffee and your loved one(s)… I hope you enjoy it!

Tea and Tunes

It has been one whirlwind of a day! Work, grocery and supply shopping, home, more grocery shopping…I’m just so glad to be home! So here are today’s tunes. I hope you enjoy them! There are only two. The first is one of my favorite modern Japanese songs. The second is a long chill mix.


Tea and Tunes

I’m sorry I didn’t have much time today. Between trying to upload my artwork to deviantART and post in my business blog, along with taking care of family things, I just didn’t have a lot of time at the end of my day. I hope you’ll enjoy this long chill mix. I should have more tunes for you tomorrow. Our signal is so much slower at night than it is during the morning hours. It’s rather frustrating and one of the downsides to living in a rural area. Anyway…the music…on with it!

Tea and Tunes

All songs from Electus tonight. I’m tired and I really love Electus. It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day…listening to music you enjoy…with the people you love…sipping warm tea from your mug. :) So no long mix tonight. Just some really great tunes from one of my favorites. If you like what you hear in this post, then be sure to support the artist Electus at YouTube, at SoundCloud, and anywhere else you can find them.

Tea and Tunes

Here’s what we’re listening to this evening while we wait for the water to boil for tea. I hope you enjoy the tunes!

This chill mix sounds familiar but it could be because there are several songs the creators of the mixes favor. This may be one of them. :) Here’s the long mix for this evening.


Afternoon Tunes

Here are some afternoon tunes for you. I hope you enjoy them!

That’s all for now but I may have more later! Stay tuned!

Tea and Tunes

We are finally getting back into what passes for normality in our household. I hope to be able to post tunes more often now. Tonight, as John and I drink our tea, we’re ending our day with a nice mix-up of random tunes from Five Finger Death Punch to chill/dubstep. I hope you enjoy these tunes.

This next one will mean the most to those professing a Christian faith or those who are die-hard musicians and can appreciate the hard work put into this piece to make it sound so beautiful.

And your long chillstep mix for tonight…

Tea and Tunes

As we sit together waiting on the water to boil for tea, my husband and I are jamming with some tunes from Blackmill and some music from my son’s playlist.

I hope you enjoy this bit of music from Blackmill. I only have one video to post but it’s almost an hour of music.


Yes. I understand this because it’s what I do!

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More Coffee and Tunes

I didn’t get enough this morning. :D Here are a few more tunes for you to enjoy with your coffee…or whatever beverage you prefer!

(You might get three for the price of one with this link!)

And here’s a Koda mix. I really like Koda! Hope you enjoy these tunes!

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