Sweet! Loving my iGoogle!

I just love all these gadgets for iGoogle. They are so much fun when they work. I tried to get Lava Lamp to run and it never would. Playlist was pretty cool. Took it off because it automatically plays when you load your page. That’s not such a great thing when the kids are still asleep! I love being able to catch a glimpse of what is in my email inbox and what my Twitter friends have to say. Too cool!

Today was also good because I was able to go shopping for a bathroom floor! Finally! Solid wood to stand on will be so nice. I can’t wait to see the finished product. So even though I didn’t get to work in my garden plots today, something good did happen.

I’m so excited about having a garden again. There’s just something about helping (or in my case, trying to help) something grow. I eagerly await the green leaves and colorful blooms. I’m hoping I can really do this garden up well. Lots of pretty accents and classic touches could be in the future. I would so love to add this great solar light I found on Target.com. It’s a gargoyle holding a glowing torch! Then there is a green lady statuette that’s super fab. They would be excellent additions to my garden but for the price! Ouch! I’ll be looking for them in other locations and hopefully finding a better deal somewhere else. I won’t be holding my breath too long, though.

My kids have been enjoying the sun lately. They are all turning this lovely shade of golden brown from playing outside so much. Thank goodness for Avon Bug-n-Sun! At least with that stuff you get what you need for a hot, humid summer.

Well, I guess it’s time to sign out. I need (yes, NEED) to watch some classic Jonny Quest with my kids before sending them off to dreamland.