It Just Keeps On

Yeah, life. It just keeps on…for a while anyway…for most of us. I was able to get some of the items I needed for my garden. I’ve got the basic edging and weed stop fabric. I got my tools and gloves. All I really need now are those pesky plants. Next Saturday seems so far away!

I’ll be going to spend some time with my grandmother soon. I’m hoping to cheer her up and help her out with household chores, etc.

I finished all but the sealant on Ro’s little rocking chair. Ro is my 4 year old. She is something else. Now I just have to finish Shi’s. Shi is my 8 year old. She is telling me that my mother is back from work. The reason she’s playing “informant” is because she’s ready for supper. Guess I better stop my blogging for now and feed her! Blog more later!