What a Monday!

Yea, me! I have two custom orders lined up! I make chainmail jewelry. I’m now working on one of two knight’s chains. I had to order brass rings for the job but Metal Designz never fails to amaze me. I started on one of them last night and it’s coming along quite nicely. I hope the knight in question likes the end result.

I also need to get outside and paint Shi’s rocking chair. I have to seal Ro’s rocking chair and it will be complete. Ro’s is leaf green with little scrapbook paper mice scattered around. I used Mod Podge to stick them down and I’m hoping the clear glaze will keep them on there permanently. Shi’s will be canary yellow and have scrapbook paper cats scattered around. Maybe I’ll post pix or something.

My mosaic projects are still in the works. Still haven’t been able to get into town to buy grout. May just have to bite the bullet and order some online. My tabletop is just sitting there looking forlorn, wondering why I’ve left it unfinished. I also have a serving tray ready to grout. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m going to be working on school with the kids today. I usually know what books I’m going to purchase for the next school year by this time but I’m awfully behind. Guess I’ll have to stop by CBD later and check out their homeschool supply. They really are good about offering a wide range of stuff for homeschool. I’m determinded to get both of them through their respective books by mid-July so they can have a bit of summer fun.

Well, I guess I have enough to do today without spending overmuch time here. Talk to you guys later! Laugh a Lot!