Whiney Kids and Impending Doom

How is it that my children who are well provided for, can be so whiney?? I suppose I’ll try playing a game with them later. Perhaps their spirits will lift with the fun of a game. Have any of you ever heard of or played the Munchkin games? They are absolutely hilarious! Even if all you do is sit and read the cards, you still have a blast. No, my son, got the medieval one for Christmas and then the western one for his birthday. We have yet to try to play them together. Maybe we should do that today. Goodness knows we all need some kind of happy break.

“Why do you need a break?”you may be asking. Hmmm…four funerals (all people we knew fairly well, one a close family member) within about 2.5 months of each other will bring everyone’s spirits down and raise the stress levels pretty high. It’s been rough enough trying to settle into a new routine after moving here (even though we’ve lived here before). I’m still trying to find more homeschoolers who are close by and willing to actually do stuff together. I’m curious… Is it necessary to spend money in order to do things with friends? Last I checked, not so. Granted, the places you can go to that cost money generally give you what you pay for but there are some really neat places to visit that don’t cost anything at all! The Prarie Acadian Cultural Center in Eunice, LA doesn’t charge an entry fee and their exhibits are extremely interesting and informative. On the other hand, going there with a 4 yr old can be an adventure in stress. Ro did well, considering everything is hands off at the PAC Center. I’m thinking it’s time to do something fun but trying to do this within our budget is becoming more and more difficult.

I think I need some music today. There is still so much to be done. Talk to you later!