What a week!

Yesterday we made a trip to the closest city and went shopping for some necessities. For the first time, I shopped at a Marshall’s store. What a find! I can’t wait to go back. I found some of those really beautiful glass candle lanterns that look Turkish or Persian or something like that. Then we went to Hancock’s and I got some rings to work more chainmail. These are shiny pastel and black iridescent. Can’t wait to see how they’ll look! We went to Tuesday Morning and found some items for a friend’s baby shower. That’s another place I need to go back to. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond just to look around. They have the nicest bamboo things for the kitchen. Maybe I’ll add some to my kitchen some day. The last place we went was SuperTarget. Gosh! I love that store. They have such a wide variety of things to choose from! There’s something to be said for shopping in a “college town” where many international students attend. Those international students bring the flavors and tastes of their homelands over with them and share them with us. It’s fantastic! Well, I’ll stop now. I have school to do with the kids, clothes to wash on this gorgeous day and much more to do. Maybe I’ll finish that grout work on the table top today. Laugh a Lot!