Aarrgghh! Can I Go To Sleep Now?

I’m back from a long week of visiting and cleaning at my grandmother’s. All in all, we had a good week and we accomplished quite a lot. And most of all, she wasn’t lonely during this past week. I’m so drained though! I’m not sure how often I’m going to be able to do this because, emotionally, it’s such a drain on me. I should be able to enjoy the time I now have with my husband, right? Not so much… I wish I felt more alive at this moment. Having said all that, it really was worth it. I love my grandma a lot and I respect her, probably more than she thinks. It pains me that she is now without her constant companion, best friend, husband…my grandpa. I know for a fact that when my turn comes, I will not ever truly “get over it” but I do know that I will continue to function until my own time comes, just like her.

While cleaning, I discovered something! You can do sideways lunges using 2-quart juice bottles. Did anyone else know that? My inner thighs are shot today because I did that a few times yesterday. I was mopping and needed to move the bottles over a patch of floor that was still wet. So I straddled the mopped bit and trasported the bottles over. What a workout! Got the floor mopped and exercised, too! LOL Anyway, moving on…

I don’t know who reads my blogs but if my list is to be believed, only one person. Boy don’t you just love being popular! All those adoring fans… Anyway, I found a new website I’m checking out www.connectionsacademy.com and they seem to be a home school program that follows public school curriculum. So, if you are desirous of a home school program that doesn’t get all “preachy”, you might want to check this out.

During my stay at grandma’s, I finished a neat snake chain necklace with a vee accent and a glass pendant. I also finished a Japanese 6-n-1 choker in pink and silver aluminum. I fixed a couple of the pieces my children wore and broke and I got pretty adventurous with a couple of new weaves that are so challenging I’m still trying to work them out. I might have my husband give those a whirl! He’s pretty good at new stuff. I think maybe I go too fast or something. LOL

I’ll be planting my bulb garden tomorrow and my other two garden collections are on the way! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see things growing in our yard. I hope they do well. I can also finish my mosaic table and tray sometime this week.

My husband and I have made the commitment to crack down on frivolous spending and to get rid of the clutter in our home. I really want us to have a welcoming home and right now, I don’t even feel welcome sometimes! We still have a few boxes to unload from our move and it’s driving me nuts! And we’ll still have enough home improvement projects to keep us busy for many months (and paychecks) to come. But if we want to improve our home, we need to really budget for it so we’re going to give it our best shot.

Well, I guess that’s all the catching up I need to do. Talk to you soon…well, “soon”, relatively speaking.
Laugh a Lot!