Before the Rain

Well, let’s try this again! I was attempting to use my iGoogle gadget when my entire page refreshed and I lost everything. It is NOT going to be one of those days. I forbid it!

I’m trying to get some online stuff done before the rain clouds obscure the satellite signal. I like the fair to middlin’ speed of the satellite internet but the inconsistency of the signal drives me nuts! It’d be really nice to live in a place where my $89 could be put to better use. Anyway, if I had to rely on the internet for a biz, I be broke by now. It only loses signal at the most inopportune times. Drives me insane! Ah, well, such is life in the black hole of the backwoods. Beautiful trees, time slows down a little, ambiance, it’s all there but some of the opportunities are lost. Sad but true.

I went to visit my grandmother last week, as I stated in an earlier blog. We had a nice visit and I was able to help her get some of the harder chores finished. I’m not sure when they’ll call me to go again but I have to get my housework done in preparation for it. I know they will call again sometime! While I was visiting with her, I learned how to do the fire wyrm chainmail weave. I am soooo stoked! It’s a nice, heavy chain that holds it shape well and it’s only 10.5″ so far! I need it to be between 28 and 30 inches, I believe. Anyway, I am really excited about it and I will post pix on my chainmail site for anyone who wants to view them. You can click the link at the side of the page here and you’ll go right to my chainmail site.

(Hold on a sec! Out of coffee and going for refill…)

My garden grows! It’s alive! My anemones are sprouting up and I’m hoping to see the glads sending shoots up soon. My hydrangeas may not make it, though. Alas! It may just be too hot and dry. I’m hoping the rain (if it comes our way) will help matters but we’ll just have to see. My butterfly and hummingbird garden is doing ok. I still need to do some work in it but it must be carefully done. There are ants involved. We bought some Arkansas river pebbles to make a walkway but we have yet to actually do it. I’m hoping we can get out there early one day and get that done. It’ll probably take us about an hour or two. I’m going to let the kids make some concrete stepping stones. I thought that would be a great thing for them to add to our garden and porch. Not only does it add character but we will all have had a part in putting it together. Each person’s creative stamp will be seen. Well, enough about that. I need to get started with my day. Dishes and laundry await! Schooling also awaits! See you all soon!