Well, It’s Official

It’s official. You cannot procrastinate while making a mosaic. Be prepared to spend all the time you need to remove the grout on your project, whatever that project may be. My table top is ruined. Upset? Well, I suppose but I guess I’ve resigned myself to the fact. Moving on…to another better fated project?

I have high hopes for my garden. I’ve found some lovely accents in the Collections, Etc. catalog. I’m hoping to use birthday money to accessorize my yard and garden. The shade garden will have to wait until next spring but it will truly be worth waiting for. I should still be getting some dutch irises in October. Here’s hoping the weather will be cooler for planting.

I could complain some more about Wild Blue but I guess I’ll refrain since I went off on their internet service in my last email. It’s really a shame we can’t access any other form of higher speed internet at our location. We are really and truly in the middle of nowhere.

Well, I guess I’ll call it quits for now in the hopes I can post this before losing internet on this fine mostly sunny day.