One Of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days in which the sun shines brightly, the weather is gorgeous, you’ve been able to go shopping and you still feel like something just isn’t right? Yeah, I bet you have. Today was one of those days for me. I’ve felt very angsty all day. It’s got to be hormones but I just wish this stupid feeling would take a hike during the beautiful sunshine.

I got to go to Marshall’s only to find the candle lanterns I had my eye on had all ready been sold. The only good deal I found that I could take advantage of was Mrs Meyers laundry detergent. Got that for $8.99 and was somewhat mollified. Bought some Jones sodas for the kids at World Market. Went to Barnes and Noble for a snack. See? Lots of nice things…but still just not quite right. I guess I’ll just have t wait it out. I’m so worn out this evening that I just want to sit and enjoy some music and some peace and quiet while I force my children to enjoy what’s left of the sunshine.

Yes, I did say force. I have 2 children who never have to be forced to play outside. My middle child is another matter entirely. She’d rather sit and read or play on the computer. But they’ve been cooped up inside a building or a car all day. Time to burn some of that pent up energy.

Well, I guess I better post this before my page decides to refresh… Remember to breathe…