A Rough Week But Good Follows

It’s been one of “those” weeks for me. Thankfully there was enough good in it to choke out the bad. I won’t discuss too much of the bad. It’s enough for you to know it was, indeed, truly bad and it was something I could do nothing about. That it was bad, I could handle. But the fact that I could do nothing? That’s tough to swallow on any given day. So, on to the good stuff…

The church we are attending had its Vacation Bible School during the last week. John and I got to help out in fun ways. He ran the computer for the powerpoint and video presentations and created a slideshow for the family night assembly. I took pictures of all that went on. The kids had a blast. Rowan went to her class on day 1 without a peep, at least to my knowlege. It’s the first time she’s ever done that. Then on day 2 we had a major influx of kids and she started having second thoughts. By day 3 she knew she didn’t belong in that mob of kids and she cried most of the day. Close to the end of the day, I let her stay with me and she stayed with me thru the rest of the days. All in all, not too bad. Noah was too old for a class so he was a youth helper. He hopped around from music, to the kitchen, to recreation. He and the other youth helpers were very good about going where we needed them. I can honestly say that without them, we would have had an extremely rough time trying to get everything done. Shiloh had lots of fun in her class and made new friends. She tried really hard to memorize all the scriptures. She’s got a few of them memorized. It makes me smile. She’s such a hard worker and she wants to do well.

Well, I need to run. We are going to try to get the girls to an Arts and Music program. Here’s hoping it’s really great and they’ll learn good stuff. Laugh a lot!