The Dawn of Me

Well, today is my birthday. It’s been interesting so far. Woke up at 6:15 am for nothing, internet was sketchy for no discerable reason, been feeling blah all day. Nothing like a good confrontation to weaken the spirit. I’m so worn out today. But I still have hope that my day will improve. I’m hoping my mom will feel better after her doc appt. I’m hoping my kids will have a fun day. I’m hoping my own spirits will improve. Not sure what to do with myself today. There are many chores I could do, of course. But who wants to do chores on a birthday? I could play Myst III: Exile but I just can’t work my way thru the current puzzle!

I made baked apples with my girls today. It was fun. Now we have a nice healthy dessert to eat after lunch.

My youngest daughter has helped me make a decision, I think. She shoved all the paperwork on my desk into one huge pile while she was questing for some small object. I guess I’ll be cleaning my desk today. Having made that decision, I’m pretty sure something will come up to thwart me. But I will do my best to finish the job and see what I can accomplish. Well, here goes…