Here We Go

I’m pretty amazed at how things occur and, in my own opinion, how God works. I am most satisfied when I find I can truly be of help to someone. It was nice to be able to offer help to someone this week…and it’s only Monday!

So I’m sitting here watching the clouds roll in and rain down and roll out again and again. I am just hoping this posts. My internet has been awfully intermittent b/c of the cloud cover. I took the girls through their first day of school today. My husbands does the math with them. That helps a lot. We had a pretty productive day. When my youngest was finished and my middle child was working on her homework (Yes! You still have to do homework in homeschool.) I was busy putting the yearly special things together. I’m hunting up a few places to visit for field trips and fun projects to do throughout the year. My son starts tomorrow. We worked out a deal which will allow him to work on the farm with my dad on Mondays. Since my dad works nights (through the weekend), this is the only day Noah would be able to help him. He’ll do a Tuesday thru Saturday schedule. This will be the first time we’ve tried it. I hope it works. I know how much he really enjoys working with my dad. Well, I’m hopeful that this year will be a fabulous year. For all those out there who school their children at home, have a great year! For all those who send your children off to school, have a great year! Shuckin’s! For EVERYONE, have a great year!
Laugh a Lot!