Wiped Out!

Good afternoon! I am wishing it was evening because my daughter hosted her first slumber party last night. We were up until after 3 am and even though I’m a night owl, I am getting older. We played 4 rounds of Whoonu (a Cranium game) and then we watched The Fellowship of the Ring (extended version). We almost made it through The Two Towers as well! I’m worn out and I doubt I’ll recover any time soon. But it was worth it. My daughter was sick on her actual birthday so the slumber party was a flop at that time. We had to postpone it. I’d promised her she could have a retry during the summer and the summer almost passed us up before we were able to follow through! I don’t know that we’ll do that often but there’s a possibility of a recurrance sometime in the distant future.

We also started school on Monday of this week. So I still have some grading to do. I also need to take a look at the lesson plans for next week and make sure I have everything together. I’m not sure, but I might just find myself waking up at my desk… Well, I better run so I can get that done.

But first, let me draw your attention to the uber cool website for Spelling help. Spelling City. com is awesome for parents or teachers who wish to make spelling fun for their children/students. It seems to be helping my kids. My son made an 80 on his first test. He usually makes anywhere from the lowest D to an F. Now, if we could just bring up those history and science grades…

Laugh a Lot!