The Craziness Surrounds Us…

…it wants to swallow us whole. But this time, my friends, we need to fight it. On Sept. 8, something shocking is coming to a school near you. I have some really good friends on fb who help me stay informed of these kinds of things. I’ll pass on that info to you.

The above is a link to an article about a homeschool family.

The above link will take you to an article at Michelle

The above link will take you an article in the the Salt Lake Tribune.

The above link will take you to Michelle

I hope all these links work. These are some pretty scary stories! If you take about 20 minutes to read through them (it shouldn’t take more than that), you might be surprised at some of the things going on.

I posted the above links so that anyone who wants to view them could do so. It is so important that we, as parents or role models, do this so we can help our children reach their potential. Aren’t they worth it? Aren’t they worth it? The above articles are about 3 different things. Two of them concern Pres. Obama’s broadcast to the schools. How he must hate that private schools are not funded by the state and therefore are not required to broadcast his speech. And how he must hate that home schooling is allowed. All those little “free thinkers” out there must scare the bejesus out of him. My worry stems from the fact that there are parents out there who have pulled their kids out of the school system just b/c they were oppressed (for lack of a better word) in some way, usually some petty way. I do not think this was the case with the homeschool family in the first link I posted above. Some of them didn’t realize how much work homeschooling really involves. It isn’t for everyone. And it takes a good deal of planning. You can’t just pull your kids out of school one day and jump into it. And it can get pricey. It’s not as expensive as sending your kids to private school but it’s more expensive than sending them to public school. And you really have to look for the reinforcement activities if you combine different curricula. The helps are out there, though, even if you do have to dig for them. Well, I better scoot. My intent was to inform with the above links. The Salt Lake Tribune article was posted for information. Just proves we should never assume anything.

Remember to breathe.