Creative Energies! Aw, rats! LOL

If you thought you’d be reading a blog that worked with clock-like regular postings, you were mistaken. Did I ever mention that I have a problem with focus? 🙂 I stay pretty busy with little nothings and many times nothing really gets completely finished. Sometimes that frustrates me to the core but most of the time, I just ignore it and move on.

One place I can’t allow that to happen is in my schoolroom. Sometimes I have to really MAKE myself focus on what needs to be accomplished for the day. And thankfully, it works more often than not. We’ve been doing well with our lessons since we started a new year and we were doing pretty well before the last one ended. I will now pause for a smile. 🙂

I woke up this morning feeling really good. I mean I felt really good, at peace with myself and my surroundings and just really good. I was ready to jump through hoops this morning! Then my 5 yr. old (The Ro) decided to pitch a major fit. Her brother (NoJo) tried to help her with something she was trying to do. She was making a watery mess. He saved her behind, really. But that was just so totally unacceptable to her so she started screeching at him. I was unable to attend to the situation just right at that moment and my husband was at the college taking care of his classes for the day so he couldn’t really help out either. So I yell at them to just be quiet and I’ll take care of it when I can get there. The Ro can’t wait to tattle on NoJo since she is truly convinced he’s wronged her in the extreme. She comes to meet me and I have to get her to look me in the eye. It was quite a job convincing her that her method was fallible and her brother had done nothing wrong. And I still think she wasn’t totally convinced I was right. She went right back to telling him to apologize. He replied, “For helping you?” I really do think he was quite confused this time. He’s 13 and pretty practical for his age.

“What did she do?” you may be asking. She had wet a washcloth and was washing her whiteboard with it. This doesn’t sound really awful, does it? Except she was washing her whiteboard in my living room on my carpet. 🙂 NoJo realized this was a very bad thing. He took the washcloth away from her and brought it back to the kitchen. That’s it. That’s all he did. Oh! And he tried to explain that she was getting water everywhere and making everything soaking wet. What she didn’t realize was that she should’ve been worshiping at his feet since he’d saved her from ‘the wrath of the mom-demon’.

So after that long, drawn-out, dramatic episode, I was /really/ in the mood to enjoy school. We did school and got that done for the day. I got a quick shower, washed a load of dishes and cleaned the hall bathroom. I taught a piano lesson after all that. Here’s a bright note. I have one new student and 3 more interested. This is indeed a very bright note. 🙂

On days like today, I just feel like I need to do something really energetic like planting a garden or herding sheep. Why the snicker? If you knew me really well, you’d know how awful I am at growing anything except bulbs and I’m not really an animal person. They are OK if they live outside and can take care of themselves or if they are behind fences at the zoo. They are just a bit too unpredictable for me. I might do alright herding sheep but I’m really not sure. Anyone else ever feel like the first sentence of this paragraph?

Right now I’m listening to one of my favorite songs by the Newsboys: “Lead Me To The Cross” and I know what some of you may be thinking. But really, it is a great song beautifully written with very lovely lyrics and it really speaks to me. That last bit is what won me over. 🙂 Before that Sting and the Chieftains were singing “Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero)”. As you can see, my taste in music ranges wildly all over the place. That has also been a great topic of conversation with several of our friends and it is really a help when you have friends that only like a certain genre.

Well, I will try to post more often for you, my two faithful followers. LOL And I hope to be able to keep my posts honest and down to earth…OK, well honest. Talk to you soon.

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