Time For A Change

I can’t keep the same things in the same places for very long unless they are strictly functional. Every now and again, I need a change of scenery. The only room in our house that stays pretty much the same is our music/reading room. I know it sounds grand but it’s a pretty humble 12′ x 12′ room. It doesn’t change much because it’s the only room that I have been able to decorate exactly like I planned. I said all that to say this: I decided it was time to change the background on my blog.

Have any of you ever gone through the myriad pages of blogger backgrounds at a place like http://www.pimp-my-profile.com ? It’s a time consuming process. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, plan to spend a couple of hours looking for just the right background. (And if you have dial-up, don’t even bother.) I finally figured out it was best to keep a pen and some paper handy to write down the titles I liked and the pages I found them on. Today I listed a total of 11 and went through “I don’t know how many” pages to find them. The elements won because it’s a simple layout in colors I like and you can see the words. I realized my old background was just too difficult to decipher.

We did have a pretty good weekend. We shared supper with friends on Friday night and had some more friends over to share supper with us on Saturday night. It was nice to be able to do that. Anything that you already enjoy is better if it’s shared with a friend, don’t you think? I think I might try to do some more scrapbooking today. I have a nasty headache and the weather is chilly and I just want to crash. But if I do that, I won’t be able to sleep well tonight. And we have school tomorrow. Hmmm, speaking of school…I need to get lesson plans done and graded work needs to be listed in the book. I guess a woman’s work really isn’t ever done. 🙂 Talk to you guys later.
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One thought on “Time For A Change

  1. CHANGE IT BACK! .. Ok I'm selfish but that silver teardrop looking thing makes it hard to read .. I'll have to do that whole "inviting friends over thing" just as soon as I work on that "getting some friends" thing .. um .. or the "going out in public thing" .. well .. I guess I should stop that whole "staring at every woman I walk past's butt thing" that always starts the "getting beaten up by angry boyfriend thing" and leads to the "probably could use the Obamacare thing" .. hmmm .. On second thought I think I will just stay inside and write blogs and dress them up like I'm exciting {Twitter tag #sameolsameol in case you were wondering}


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