Lots of things have been happening in the political sphere that are pretty scary to anyone who bothers to do the research. I’m not trying to scare ppl with this note. I’m just trying to share information. You are still free to take that information, research it for yourself and make your own decisions concerning that information. I’m just putting it out there.

I teach my kids at home (as most of you know) and it’s amazing what you learn (or remember that you forgot) while teaching your kids. Noah’s history this year (in addition to Louisiana History) is “History of the World In Christian Perspective”. Now before you go off and say how awful it is to teach something in such a one-sided way, you should know that I use as many supplemental items as I can to give my kids a well-rounded and well-informed education, especially since that is lacking in the public school systems of today. There are many good teachers out there but they are so hampered by the guidelines they have to follow…well, that’s for another note. Back to what we are learning in Noah’s history book. Here’s an exerpt from Noah’s history book that was taken from The Communist Manifesto:

“When revolution broke out in Germany in 1848, they [Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels] took advantage of the turmoil to issue ‘The Communist Manifesto’, a pamphlet which laid out a program for Communist revolution. The ‘Manifesto’ advocated the violent overthrow of all established authority and called for the following measures:
1. The abolition of private property [see the link I posted earlier about the Amish farmer]
2. the redistribution of wealth through heavy, progressive income taxes [watch your 2010 tax spike]
3. a centralized federal bank [guess who owns many of our banks now]
4. government control of all means of communication and transportation [guess who owns GM and who’s trying to control the internet b/c its a way to communicate globally, just like your phone]
5. government ownership of all means of production and all natural resources [this ‘green’ movement that you see them pushing, along w/ all the global warming hype]
6. the abolition of unemployment through social welfare programs [this has been in place for a long time but not fully functioning yet]
7. the redistribution of the population-from cities to rural areas and vice versa- and…
8. mandatory state-sponsored and state-supported education [I’m pretty sure we’re heading this way. I’m prepping my kids now.]

It closed with a stirring call to battle: ‘The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of the world, unite!'”

It’s pretty easy to see why they were able to take over, isn’t it? When the government suddenly controls all the means by which a person can successfully live, they can control you. If we give them control of all the guns, if we let them pass a law to get rid of our nukes while other countries are practically encouraged to build them, we are playing into their hands. We /need/ to research before we vote. And by research I mean we need to dig deep and look at the candidates’ pasts. After all, its the only way we have to consider how they will act once they get into office. In order to stop this from happening here (and I’m not sure it’s possible now but I won’t give up easily), we had better wake up as a country. Since I don’t know whether fb will censor this or not (simply b/c of the use of the word ‘communism’) I will also be posting this in a blog. At least for right now, I still have my freedom of speech.

If you doubt anything I’ve said here, then please research on your own. Don’t just dismiss this as fanatical or nonsensical. Don’t let yourself be so easily guided by others. Study, study, study! Our schools feed our kids info and expect them to spit it back out. This discourages them from working hard to achieve. Do you remember how hard it was to pass a test if you didn’t study? I thank God my parents sent me to a school that wasn’t so concerned about where it was going to get its next dollar (at least at the time). This way, I was insured a quality education. I know how to research. I know how to study. I know the value of studying. I feel so sorry for the kids today who’ve had everything practically handed to them. They will flounder about and never know which way is up. Too bad really because these are the people who will be voting. I have nothing against 18 year old young adults but I do feel that they are more easily swayed to vote a certain way. I also believe that because they’ve been lulled by the fact that there haven’t been any wars fought on our home soil for many years now, they think it couldn’t happen. This is a sad and dangerous way of thinking. The president we have in office now is going rogue. Many of the people who put their trust in his empty words promising ‘hope and change’ are seeing the error of their ways but many are still blinded by his lies. I will continue to pray for this president and our other national and state leaders. They need prayer now more than ever. But I will not stand idly by while my country is torn in two right down the middle. We will have to stand united against such tyranny (and make no mistake-this /is/ tyranny in the making) or we will surely fall. I do fear that some yahoo or group of yahoos will go ape and start killing people but I hope they don’t. That would just give the current ruling body a reason to enforce martial law. And you can bet they won’t relinquish that power once they have it. I’ll stop now. But just think about it. Is this really what you want? If not, you better make your voice heard while you can. That’s all I’m saying…

The excerpt is from ‘History of the World In Christian Perspective’ 3rd Edition (c) 1995 pg 455 Jerry H. Combee, Ph.D. A Beka Book Pensacola, FL

If you have anything to add or corrections to make, please feel free to do so but please keep it civil and for corrections please provide a link or something for others to go and check it out. Thanks! 🙂


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  1. I appreciated your well stated truths. The fact that our educational system has bred a generation of automotons (sp.)? is a tragic statement. Critical thinking skills are not encouraged as the doctrines of the left are deemed sane and vice versa.Homeschooling your children takes so much committment and resolve. I admire you for that. Thank you for taking the time to "train them up in the way they should go."


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