It’s Why Apostrophe Ay Ell Ell

Good evening class! Today, let us talk about contractions. Is that not exciting? Why are contractions so useful? They would have helped me shorten the second and third sentences above. “Today, let’s talk about contractions. Isn’t that exciting?”

I really, really, REALLY hate seeing the amount of misspelled contractions floating all across my internet pages. They’re CONTRACTIONS, people! SHORTENED short words. You just remove a vowel or a group of letters and put the apostrophe in where the missing letter(s) was! It’s not that difficult!

So why do I continue to see this tragedy-ya’ll? What in the world is /that/? Yahoo will? Yard wall? Yam bell? What? The proper spelling is y’all, in which the apostrophe takes the place of the missing ‘ou’ in the word ‘you’. They’re is a contraction in which the apostrophe takes the place of the ‘a’ in the word ‘are’. Let’s is a contraction in which the apostrophe takes the place of the ‘u’ in the word ‘us’. You see? It’s not that hard, is it? Can we please try to do a little better? My 9-year-old gets this. Why can’t grown adults get this? Why can’t college freshman get this? What in the world is wrong with us?

Ok. I’m done with my rant. 🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s Why Apostrophe Ay Ell Ell

  1. Ok that was moderately painful. As an artist I love Royo and all but I could barely read that. We'll need to give you a class on blending out a background {the easiest way to do it is take two layers make the back one black and the top one "the image" more transparent until a bold white font is quite visible} .. I'm a purist when it comes to reading of course. My deal with my blogs is that I make sure that the text is easy to read to compensate for short attention spans. You can tell by my long windedness that it is hard enough to get a reader LOLNow onto the subject matter. I find it impossible to shorten words into garbledeeguk even in tweets so often I am forced to say less but make it legible. I won't even use "u" or "2" in text messages or instant messengers because I just don't find it civilized. Then again I would write a comment this long just because I can barely read a blog, so I am probably a couple of dwarves short of a good Disney movie anyway :)See YOU ALL later 😛


  2. Hey now, you should be giving Book these instructions. I'm the copy paste person. I look at all those html bits and go cross-eyed. It isn't pleasant. LOL What I'd really like is a picture header and then for my posts to come up underneath that. I'd even take a pic on the side. I found a couple other layouts I liked but this pic is one of my faves. Eh…well, I'll keep trying. :DAs for you all or y'all, I'm ok with either. I just don't like ya'll, which stands for absolutely nothing. It's a pet peeve, I guess. And I really was just bored to death. LOL


  3. And there I was, wondering why you were questioning why apostrophes were … aye, 'ell, 'ell… I'm concerned with the issue as a symptom of the more general lack of connection between words and what they mean. If it kinda sorta looks right, I'm supposed to be able to figure it out, and I already know what you're saying anyway, right?


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