Hello Again!

Ah, the sun is shining brightly today! There’s a breeze blowing billowy clouds across the sky and I have high hopes for my laundry getting fully dried on the line. 🙂 And so I begin my work for the day. It’s been a while since I last blogged and I’m hoping for a good blog this time.  I’ve found myself being quite productive lately.  I’ve been working on Renaissance costumes for my girls.  Their costumes will match one I recently finished for myself.  (Just a helpful hint-if you wear matching outfits to a big event, it’s easier to keep track of your group.  Schools do it all the time now.  I do have to say our matching costumes are much more fun than a simple matching t-shirt.)  Once I’m done with the girls costumes, I’ll move on to my menfolk.  I had to make lots of modifications to the pattern I’m using for the girls.  I don’t do buttonholes.  I like lacing much better.  Since my bustier has laces /everywhere/, I decided to modify the girls’ tops to also use lacing in similar places.  I’m almost finished putting them together and I’ll be sure to post photos when they are complete. Once I’m done with the girls’ costumes, I’ll move on to my menfolk.  They need jerkins or doublets and I haven’t decided how I’ll accomplish those yet.  I think they need the open sleeve doublet which will show a bit of the shirtsleeve underneath.  That would be most similar to my beribbonned sleeve, I think.  I’m still trying to decide.  I’ll also need to buy more supplies in order to accomplish this task.  But I’m so excited to finally be getting it done! Well, I guess I better stop typing so I can go work some more.  I have a long to-do list! 🙂