Respecting My Elders

I just got to thinking about something today. I have a few friends who aren’t comfortable around the elderly. These same friends may even mock them at times. They are entitled to their opinions and responsible for their own actions concerning this matter. But here is my take on respecting the elderly…in 10 topic sentences.

1. They made it to the age they are.-They must have had some kind of tenacity to get to the age they are today. For sheer determination in surviving the things life throws at all humans, they deserve my respect.

2. They have lived through many experiences.-They have had to deal with many things we can only imagine in today’s world of fast everything. In doing so, they’ve had to make do with what they had, which was sometimes not much at all. For their ingenuity, they deserve my respect.

3. They are or were hard workers.-Back in the day, you actually had to work to get recognition or honor of any kind. Back in the day, if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. Back in the day, everything was work and work was constant. Washing clothes, cooking, keeping the house clean, keeping the yard looking nice-all these things meant hard and diligent work had to be done…constantly. For that, they deserve my thanks and respect.

4. They know a few things.-Things may have changed a bit, but human nature remains the same. Trust me. I’ve learned quite a few things from my grandmother, who is also my hero. I may not always agree with her, but I can still respect her opinion because she may have something-something I probably missed. Last time I checked, I was still a kid to her, still her granddaughter, and still not quite as smart as I think I am. For their knowledge of the world around them, they deserve my respect.

5. They care.-Most people razz you or criticize you because they care. There are indeed a few who do so out of spite, malice and jealousy. But if these people are friends or family, they are doing this because they care. Listen to them. Take the bits of what they say that make sense, those bits that you understand, and apply them. See what happens. For their care and concern, they deserve my care and respect.

6. They take the right things seriously.-I find that most elderly folks are most concerned about their family. I think they have that right. I think family should be the most important thing to all of us. And I think there is a lesson to be learned here. How many of us think we never have enough time to stop? I think I’ll take the advice of the elderly and be sure and spend some time with the people I care most about every day…or at least as often as I can make time. For their time, they deserve honor and respect.

7. They’ve been there. They’ve done that.-There is no advice like the advice from someone who’s been there. Like I said earlier, times may have changed but human nature hasn’t. Listen to what the elderly have to say about what they learned in life. Chances are, you will learn something new and helpful. And even if you don’t, there’s probably a good story to be heard. For their helpful words and advice, they deserve my respect.

8. They can teach others.-Where many of us (the young’uns) have no patience, I find the elderly have it in plenty. And they have so many things they can teach us. For the lessons they are willing to share, they deserve my thanks and my respect.

9. Storytime-I love hearing the elderly relate stories of their childhood or young life. Many of these would be frowned on now because political correctness has torn down so many good walls as well as some of the bad ones. For the stories they are willing to share, they deserve my willing and eager ear and my respect.

10. They are educated in many ways.-Most of the elderly are smarter than we give them credit for. Their school was actually much harder than the stuff we were/are made to learn today. Their teachers were not allowed to go over the test questions before the test was given. Their teachers did not keep the rest of the class hindered because one or two students were behind. They kept up, or they got left behind. There’s a reason for that. They had to be strong to survive in the world of yesteryear. Their minds had to be as strong as their bodies. A strong mind has to be worked and stretched into shape just as the muscles of the body must be worked and stretched in order to be strengthened. For their determination to succeed, in order that they may pass on their hard work for the benefit of their children and their children’s children, they deserve my heartfelt gratitude, my respect and great honor forever.

And that’s how I feel about the elderly.