A Visit With Relatives

Just a quick post today. My DH, 2 DDs, my dad and I went to visit my great-uncle and aunt yesterday. He has Alzheimer’s. She’s not too healthy, either, but she’s well enough to take care of him for right now. The Alzheimer’s is progressing slowly but it is progressing. I suppose the hardest thing to take is the fact that he used to be in the thick of things. Both of them were always involved in community projects that benefited their city. They were active older adults who traveled at least once a year. They were truly an asset to the human race, a vision of what hard work and dedication can do for each individual and for the rest of humanity. So now they go out periodically. They still attend church. They dine out periodically. I guess it just goes to show we should always be thankful for the small joys in life. They are still here. They are able to get out some. He can still communicate well enough to have short conversations on his good days.

I’m glad we went to see them yesterday. My uncle still remembers my dad. They were able to share some old stories and some jokes. My uncle didn’t remember me but he remembered my son, who wasn’t with us on this visit. I thought that was a very nice compliment to my son. My uncle always appreciated the fact that I borrowed another uncle’s name to use within my son’s name. My Uncle Willis Kessler died in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. He never had a chance to have children of his own. So we chose to add his name into our son’s name in honor of the sacrifice he gave. So my uncle who is still alive, who was brother to Uncle Willis, remembers my son. My son has always been special to him.

I guess I said all that to tell you to cherish the time you have here on this Earth. Cherish the ones you love and take good care of them. Be faithful to them, even when it’s hard to understand all the whys. Forget about yourself for just a little while and bring a bit of joy to another person in dire need of it. You won’t be sorry and the smile on that person’s face will be its own reward.


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