A Bit of Fear is Healthy, Right?

Well, I guess it keeps me on my toes…maybe…unless something shiny crosses the path.

My 9yo, who enjoys using her imagination but hates writing anything down, expressed an interest in blogging. At first, I thought, “ARGH! No way.” Then I thought that it might be worth it if our young lady is learning something useful while she learns about something she’s interested in. She happens to be interested in herbs, historical use of herbs and specifically the use of herbs to help others. So we’ll be setting that up today and I’ll be watching very closely as she posts on her blog each week. We had a great start to our school year with our girls begging me to begin their schoolwork. And now a writing project that was /chosen/ and suggested by one of them… Something else to note is that she will be learning valuable internet usage information. It just kind of surprised me since I know someone who’s daughter is also doing a blog for a school project, though she is older and is doing a lot more work with hers.

So please pray for us and wish us good tidings with our endeavors on this blog.