Whee! Here we go!

Ah, it has been very good these last few weeks. We started school on the 9th and things have been going fairly well. I can hardly believe we’ve gotten three weeks done! At least, the girls have gotten 3 weeks in. Our son started yesterday and it was so nice to see him start with a smile on his face. I’m so glad we decided to use the college books his father kept. Those will definitely challenge him. I think that’s exactly what he needed. He told me today that he likes his new books. I could hardly believe it! And my youngest is reading (READING) this year! I’m so glad that I didn’t push her too fast. She’s really enjoying it. So overall, the first few weeks of school get an A. 🙂

On the crafting front, I haven’t been up to much of anything. I did manage to scrapbook the children’s play and part of the photos from the first play we did back in the spring. I don’t have an album yet but the pages are looking fun and creative.

We are coming to my favorite time of year. I love the autumn months. No matter where I am, things just seem lighter and full of hope. It could be that most of the fun holidays are coming up. It could be that the autumn colors are my favorite colors. I really don’t know what exactly causes it to be so. It just is. Where we live, we don’t see much ‘fall color’ in our trees. The air changes, though, and it becomes cooler, much like a breath of fresh air that blows away the heat and humidity. Having said that, I /hate/ Louisiana winters. They are wet, cold and generally nasty. There isn’t much playing outside that goes on during the Louisiana winter.

Our Redwall Feast will be coming up soon and I just love preparing for it. I can’t wait to plan and send out invitations! Should be lots of fun since we have new people to invite this year.

I have several costumes to make. Last year, theShi asked me to make her a San costume (the heroine from the movie Princess Mononoke). I’ve been gathering the materials to make it for some time but it’s coming together…slowly. LOL TheRo asked me for a Merle costume (from the anime Escaflowne) and that one should be a bit easier. We’ll see. This month, I’m going to try to get some of the few things I have to buy to complete it. Thankfully, I have almost everything I’ll need. My one worry is ‘fur’. That kind of material is usually pricey and I’ll probably need about 2 yards, if not more. We shall indeed see…

On the garden front, our citrus trees are producing pretty well. In a few months, we should have pink grapefruits, lemons and oranges and probably in amounts that will be too bountiful for our needs. I think the people of the church will probably be blessed with some. I’m looking forward to fermenting the lemons and I hope to make some orange marmalade and some grapefruit jelly. Our efforts with last year’s crop yielded some very pleasing results!

Well, I guess that’s enough for now. I really am trying to get better about posting more often. I don’t worry too much about doing ‘extra’ stuff on a regular basis. I’d much rather get into the habit of doing the necessary things on a regular basis…like dusting and mopping… Well, we do what we can. Talk to y’all soon! Laugh a Lot!