How Exciting!

While they were playing outside recently, my children found something they thought very exciting. They rushed inside telling me stories of ‘berries in our yard’! When theShi was researching herbs this morning, she found out what kind of berries they are. They were elderberries! I didn’t even know they would grow in our area. This was an even more exciting find than first thought. TheShi will be blogging about it on Friday so I won’t spoil the fun. But if you’d like to learn more about elderberries, you can find lots of information online.

We also found some mystery berries that I’ll be taking to our local nursery to see if they can tell me more about them. They look like little grapes and could be muscadines but I’m really not too sure. They have this really bright fuchsia color and then turn a dark purple that is almost black. I suppose I’ll keep you posted on our findings.

Until then, y’all be sure to laugh a lot! I know /I/ need some laughter today…


One thought on “How Exciting!

  1. My grandma was a 'mountain woman' and knew all the edible berries, mushrooms, herbs, etc… I wish I's wonderful that you are passing this knowledge along to your children. : )


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