Treating My Scalp and Hair, Naturally

This year, I’ve really been thinking about a lot of things. I know what /you’re/ thinking…”UH-OH!” Seriously, though, I’d just really rather do what I can with inexpensive (or relatively so) items that I already have on hand. And some of you requested to know how some of my experiments have turned out so I’m tagging you. Also, if I thought you liked herbs or natural remedies, I tagged you. 🙂

For the past several years, I’ve had to switch shampoos constantly b/c they all tear up my scalp. I was told at one time that allergies can make your scalp break out. I believe it because when I’m in humid areas, my scalp is awful! When we moved to Texas, it got better for a time. Then it started to come back. I’d found a shampoo that worked well. Then the company did what they always do. They discontinued it. I can’t use any shampoo that isn’t clear. That severely limits my choices, right there. And the traditional choices for scalp issues and dandruff just do not work for me. In fact, none of them were clear shampoos except Neutrogena T-Sal (which didn’t work but didn’t make it worse) and one of the types of Selsun blue. Most of them actually made the problem worse.

I despise going to the doctor for /anything/. And I refuse to pay for a doctor to just shove a prescription in my hand without concern for whether it will work for me personally and pay twice as much as my regular doc charges. So I did the next best thing. I went looking for the herbal care websites. Bingo! I found a whole page of natural hair care recipes you can make at home. Some of them required items I don’t usually buy, like glycerin. But since I just wanted the basics, I had everything I needed.

For my scalp issues, I use 2 Tbsp of coconut oil massaged into the scalp. (You could also use olive oil but it just depends on your personal choice. Since I have oily hair already, I opted for the lighter oil. It smells better, too.) I let that sit for 15-30 minutes. While I’m waiting, I make my shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is 1 tsp baking soda to 2 oz water. I double the recipe because I still have a lot of hair. The conditioner is probably the most unpleasant smelling of all of them. Mix a ratio of 1:2 apple cider vinegar and water. It stinks. And if it gets in your eyes, it burns. But I’ll be doggone if it doesn’t work! My hair isn’t quite as bouncy b/c of the oil treatment but it does work and my hair is clean and my scalp itch is much better. The only thing I’m going to change is buying apple cider vinegar that is not distilled…unless Louisiana gets another wild hair and outlaws it. I’ll find the link where I got the recipes and post it in the near future.

Coconut oil and olive oil both have amazing results when used on the skin but you have to find out which one works for you. Coconut oil has antibiotic properties and can also be used on cuts and scrapes as a healing agent. Shh! Don’t tell the doctors! They might try to take it off the market. Coconut oil also pulls out infection. If you use it as a facial mosturizer, it will pull out all the acne and then you’ll see an improvement in your complexion, or so they say at a blog I read which I will have to find again. In the meantime, here’s a resource from a place that ‘sells’ coconut oil so you should take that into account and perhaps do more research on your own.

Also, I’m sure some of you with babies know what a problem cradle cap can be. The coconut oil will work for that. I so wish I’d known when Rowan was born! I knew olive oil would work but I hated to put that on her knowing the smell was so strong. No worries now. I give the girl’s hair the same treatment as I do mine. It surely helps Rowan.

So I guess, I said all that to say “Nyah” to all those pricey options out there that never worked for me. I don’t need fragrance and weird chemicals to make me better. Take your heavily scented junk and…yeah, I guess you get the picture.

On a side note, I’ve found out that ridged nails and loss of hair can be caused by a zinc deficiency. I’m taking zinc anyway b/c it was suggested to me for a better immune system. I guess I need to take it more consistently for it to have any kind of effect on my hair and nails. LOL I would just really like to /know/ what minerals are deficient in my body and where I really need to work to pick those up before just downing a bunch of different things. And /why/ is there only one naturopath in our area? They’re charging way too much for a thyroid test. I have a friend who gets hers done for $35 or $45 so why should I have to pay $218? I guess that’s Lafayette for you…

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