Halloween Dreams

I thought I’d have a little fun and share some costumes I’d love to get a chance to try out but probably never will. These are my top 10 costume wishes but done in a countdown from 10-“it would be cool” to 1-“this is flippin’ awesome and one day I will own this costume if I have to make it completely from scratch.” Hope you enjoy…

10) Anything with cool heels-I love high heels. They are so much fun! And these days, you can actually get kooky heels to match your quirky moods. Too bad only the major designers sell them. 😦 I love them but I’m not paying more than about $60 for super heels or $150 for awesome boots. Sorry designer people! But, you guys will notice a recurring theme in most of the costume ideas…
High Heels Pictures, Images and Photos

9) 80’s Punk Rock Star-OK as cheesy as it sounds, I’ve always wanted to have a costume to display my ‘edgy’ side. What? You didn’t know I had an edgy side? See! I knew I needed this costume!
80s punk Pictures, Images and Photos

8) An Amy Brown Fairy-I confess, I cannot help myself when it comes to the colors and designs of the Amy Brown faeries. They’re pretty flippin awesome! But since I’m short, this costume gets stuck at number 8 because let’s be honest…a short faerie? And my shape is all wrong…
Amy Brown Pictures, Images and Photos

7) Gypsy-Here’s a traditional sort of costume! And one that I could really get creative with.
5 Pictures, Images and Photos

6) Autumn-Yes, I do mean the season. I’ve been winter. I’d love to dress up as autumn. Perhaps a dress of leaves (fabric leaves, of course) would be pretty cool…
Autumn Pictures, Images and Photos

5) Chainmail-clad warrior maid-Who has never desired to wear chainmail and carry a sword and jingle when they walk?? OK, so I guess I’m in a minority with this one. Just goes to show how eclectic I really am. 🙂 I’ve always loved fantasy art and fantasy stories. It would be fantastic to be a warrior maid, I think! This one gets two pix b/c I love these kinds of pictures…
Warrior Maiden Pictures, Images and Photos
This next one is one of my all time fave warrior maid pix.
Warrior Maid Pictures, Images and Photos

4) The female android from the movie ‘Bladerunner’. The main reason for this one is that she wore this sparkly body suit. Now if you know me well, you know I’d never wear an exact replica of that (couldn’t actually. I don’t think it would be legal.) This also puts me in mind that I need to purchase this in blueray for my dear husband. It’s a favorite of his. 🙂
bladerunner Pictures, Images and Photos

Now we get to the top 3 which I will have, one of these days. I may not ever wear 2 of them out of the house but that number 1 costume is a must use…/somewhere/. It’s really hard, though, when you don’t really celebrate Halloween…

3) The Princess from Conan the Destroyer-She’s got this fabulous sleeping gown that I have got to learn how to make. Sorry, the picture is just a face shot. Apparently more people like the posters, comics and book covers.
Conan the Destroyer (1984) Pictures, Images and Photos

2) Harley Quinn-I would wear this to a private venue but not out in public…except for the car ride to get to the host’s home. I just think it’d be a great deal of fun. LOL
quinn Pictures, Images and Photos
And one more…
Harley Quinn Pictures, Images and Photos

And the number one costume favorite of my life that I will own one of these days even if I have to make it from scratch——-

1) Maleficent-She’s been my favorite villain for a long, long time. How could you not love that hat! And the Dark Flame Cloak/Dress? Wow! Now the glowing orb staff might be a bit of a trick to make…
Maleficent Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun installment of Muddled Mawkishness. Now, go and have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. So I took a look at all these, and I would have to say my fav is Harley Quinn. I would so love to be her for Halloween. There are others on your Top 10, but she is my fav.


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