So Many Goings On!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post but it seems like several months! So much has been happening lately. Since my last post, our internet was cut back. Again. This time, we only had two weeks at normal speeds before being cut back. I impatiently await the day when we can switch to a better system. I’ve taken to calling this down time ‘Internet Detention’. Our Redwall Feast didn’t happen at the usual time this year. Too many things happened at once and I just was not ready. So it looks like we’ll be having a Mid-Winter Redwall Feast. I hope we’ll have our wood-burning stove installed by then. That would be so wonderful! TheRo had a birthday this past weekend. It was a small affair with a pleasant number of gifts that she greatly enjoyed ripping open. 🙂 For Halloween, we don’t usually do trick or treating. We have done it a couple of times in the past but it’s usually more trouble than I care to deal with, mostly because we have to get rid of all the candy. (I have a new friend who has a great tradition that might help me solve this problem in the future, though.) So yesterday, we had one kid who was very upset not to be going trick or treating (our 9yo) and one who could care less either way as long as she gets to play (our 6yo). LOL The girls did dress up and went over to Grannie’s house to trick or treat. This they enjoyed very much and I enjoyed it because I knew they were safe and also that Grannie knows what they can and can’t eat. 🙂 What a joy! My only regret is that the camera had no battery power so I have no pictures to commemorate it for the first time in 14 years. 😦 Well, I’ll have to be on the ball for next year.

I’ve been extremely slow about lots of things this year! I can’t believe how badly I have fallen into a slump. The things that I normally enjoy give me little or no pleasure these days and I find myself just functioning, surviving, whatever. Those costumes I talked about before (at least, I believe I mentioned them on this blog…Princess Mononoke, Merle and Able Nightroad) are still in the planning stages for the most part and not cut out at all. And I’m still working on a necklace for a friend that should’ve been complete long ago. I came to the conclusion that I needed to set some new goals for myself. For right now, setting new goals is as far as I’ve gotten on that. LOL Can you say ‘procrastinator extraordinaire’? The girls got some money for birthday/Halloween and they used part of it to get some yoga gear so we’ve gotten back into doing some yoga during the work week. I’m hoping we can keep it up. I do feel much better when I start my day with some good, calming yoga. That seems to help a lot towards getting me motivated for the day. Well, speaking of motivation, we still need to do the yoga routine for today and I have Pickl-It jars to fill and dishes to wash and laundry to get done and patterns to cut out and Christmas to plan for… Well, you guys get the picture. 🙂 Wish me well and I wish the same for you all. I hope I can remember to post again soon. LOL
Laugh a lot!