New Look, Fountain Lady, & Religious Intolerance

What a whirlwind! Since the last time I posted, I’ve come across several things that inspired & appalled me. How do I get these things out of my system? I blog!

First, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new layout. While not as varied & eclectic as I am, I’m hoping it will be much easier to read.

Next, let’s talk a little bit about Fountain Lady. *eye roll* Basically, this woman did something TO HERSELF. It was HER BAD. Could she laugh it off? No. She must sue someone! It’s people like her who clog the judicial system with petty upsets. Would I have loved the fact that someone plastered my faux pas worldwide through the internet? NO! But I wouldn’t be stupid enough to /sue/ over MY OWN MISTAKE! That really does compound the utter ridiculousness of this poor woman’s situation. Honestly, I had worse faux pas happen to me at school. I survived EVERY ONE of them. This woman must be sorely upset with her life in general to push something like this. It would’ve been much better for her if she could have reveled in her moment of hilarity and been happy things /weren’t/ worse. Why should the security guards rush to help someone who was quite obviously not injured? Why should she sue them for her own mistake? Ah! The beauties of our broken system abound! PS If you haven’t seen it through the much publicized news circuit, you can catch it on youtube…unless the powers that be remove it for trial purposes.

I’m tackling this religious intolerance issue last because I feel strongest about it. Throughout history there has always been religious intolerance in some form or other. The Jews were hated by all kinds of people (and, regrettably, this still goes on today). The Christians were hated by the Romans. Traditional Muslims seem to dislike anyone not of their religion. But is that so different from today’s Christians saying, “Be careful who you befriend. People of other religions make cause you to stray from ours!” Granted, our (Christian) Scriptures are not interpreted in such a way that we believe we must kill those who believe differently… My discussion of this topic has a focus. I’m getting there. Although we tend to align ourselves with a belief that most encompasses our own individual beliefs/morals, people need to realize that all practitioners of any given religion may not agree with every little tenet of that religion they choose to embrace. It is so very wrong to judge one person by one aspect of his life. (Yes, I am not PC and embrace the age old practice of using he/him/his to represent humans in general.) This is like judging someone b/c of the clothes they wear or how much jewelry they have on, or what hairstyle/color they choose. This is like looking at a tattooed person and saying “Oh! He must a biker or an unbeliever!” Good grief, people! Get a life! There are so many more positive things you can do with your life than deride those you call Friend for the religion they choose to embrace! Wake up! If you call someone Friend, shouldn’t you support them in the choices they make? Perhaps you can present your OPINION to them but shouldn’t this be done in a friendly discussion with no pressure on them to /conform/ to your way of thinking?

Well, I’ve said my piece. I’m out.
Remember to breathe!


One thought on “New Look, Fountain Lady, & Religious Intolerance

  1. Re. the suing, yes, ridiculous. To cover the costs for lawyers, payout, and (soon to be increased) insurance, the mall will raise their rent prices and the renting retailers will raise *their* prices to cover the increased rent. Tort reform is needed, and badly, but so long as the lawyers retain their grip on our legislatures it will never happen."If you call someone Friend, shouldn't you support them in the choices they make?" I disagree here, depending on the choice made and the level to which it offends my own beliefs. Wearing a pink sombrero and black rubber boots? I might not want to be seen in public with you , but otherwise wouldn't be that bothered. Decide to have an abortion? We're done. I'll make my opinion known, and if you carry through with it anyway I would very likely never speak to you again.


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