From Chaos & Mayhem To Calm

I know. It’s been /forever/ since I last posted a blog here. It’s been one giant roller coaster at our house lately, with old pipes giving way and new pipes needing to be put in, one of our two air conditioners going out and needing to be replaced, and on top of all that a stage production!

Our washing machine has always had a bit of a backing up problem when it drains. We’re living in the house I grew up in and it’s always done that…backed up a bit into the kitchen sink.  Since it drained without further problems, we never worried about it.  Last week, it decided to completely clog and was spewing like Old Faithful into our laundry room. (sigh)  So between running loads of laundry next door, hauling the wet laundry back to our house to put them on the line to dry, and not being able to use our kitchen sink, the last two weeks have been chaotic, to say the least.  And with the economy in such bad shape, there was no question of hiring a plumber to fix the issues.  We had to do all the work ourselves.  My husband, who knows next to nothing about plumbing, put his head down and tackled the job, even while his knees, shoulders and back are somewhat messed up from his time in the Air Force.  He is one awesome guy.  He got under the kitchen sink to try to see what the problem was and the pipes under there just crumbled away in his hands. Frustrating? You better believe it.  Tensions were definitely running high that day.  So we made several trips to Lowe’s, spent a few days working on the pipes under the sink, and checked to be sure all was well with the pipes under the house. Because of his dogged determination, the kitchen sink is working again and we’ll be testing the washer today.

Before we had all the back up issues with the pipes, we were having trouble with one of our window units not cooling like it should. We believe it needs Freon (spelling?) but aren’t sure how to put it in so we bought a stronger window unit.  But we didn’t buy it until recently and working on those pipes with only one working ac in the house? Yeah, that was a definite trial. It’s been hot and humid here, not that it’s unusual for the weather to be that way in Louisiana.  I guess Murphy was working overtime for the pipes and the ac unit to go out at the same time. I’m just glad we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel again.

While all this was going on, we were also having theater practice. My husband is loving the theater and I love that he loves it. 🙂  ‘A Flea In Her Ear’ is now showing at the Crowley Rice Theater in Crowley, LA.  The cast consists of 14 wonderful actors and some really awesome set/costuming/back stage crew members.  We’ve made some more good friends and enjoyed our time with them.  But it’s been adding to the hectic and chaotic whirl our life has been caught in and we are both ready for it to be done.  Thankfully, the production is going well and we are looking forward to tonight’s show.

So in conclusion, I’m remembering to breathe and I’m starting to laugh again. Hope you guys, my faithful readers, will remember to laugh a lot today! Until next time…