On The Stage Again!

Over the past year, we’ve begun getting more involved with local theater groups. Yes, that’s right. I spelled it correctly-groupS-the plural form. The closest town has a theater group and our parish seat has a theater group. The Eunice Players Theater is going to be showing “A Nice Family Gathering” in November. My husband has tried out for a part but we have not heard which part he might be playing yet. The Pandemonium Theater Group will be showing “A Neverland Christmas Carol” in December. TheShi tried out for a speaking role and was informed that she was cast in the role of Slightly, a Lost Boy who has a funny lisp. She is extremely excited. 🙂 TheRo will be playing an extra Lost Boy. I have some work to do! I’ll be making cute Lost Boys costumes for my girls. LOL! My son and I will help backstage with both of these productions. We will be busy but I don’t believe it will be too much. The timing of these two plays and the practices could not have been better! It should all work out very well. If you’ve read my blog before, then you know that we found the Eunice Players Theater through a friend. I grew up with this friend not realizing how similar our views on life are! 😀 His casual conversation was a God-send, though. I’m always looking for opportunities for my kids to get involved in the community and theater is one way we can do that. While my DH is onstage, my son and I will be helping backstage. We’ll also be helping with the set. It still amazes me that the Eunice Players Theater has been around so many years and I never knew! You can check out their blog here. The Pandemonium Theater Group is relatively new. It’s a non-profit organization created by a mom who wanted to help her daughter achieve her dreams. They’ve done at least two plays so far. Their last play was our first chance to work with this group. My DH played the role of a retired Army Col. running a ‘love motel’ in the play “A Flea In Her Ear,” an adult comedy. The good thing about this group is that it’s available to any and all who wish to experience what it’s like to be on stage. Any and all are welcome. You can view their facebook page here. We are really looking forward to both of these plays! It will be interesting to see them come together and make new friends. And what a fabulous opportunity for a home school family like ours!