Current Thoughts On The Results of This Farce

So we wake this morning with the same guy in charge for another four years. Well, I’m just going to keep on pressing on towards the goals I have for my life. While this current administration seems bent on making that terribly hard for me and my family, I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to do that, though I’ll have to work harder. I’d like to share a note posted by a friend of mine that accurately describes how I, and I’m sure many other citizens of our country, feel/felt about this election cycle. You can read it here.

I’d like to address something I’m now seeing on facebook: people requesting their facebook connections to unfriend them if they voted a certain way. It is their right to request this, especially considering that many of the connections we make on facebook are people we have never met in person. One would’ve had to communicate at least marginally with those “virtual” friends to consider them as such in real life. Personally, I have nothing against anyone when I first meet them but I won’t consider them a friend until I have had more time to get to know them. It takes even more time and conversation for me to consider knowing someone well enough to earn them the distinction of “Brother” or “Sister.” Having said that, posting things like this quote from Jefferson Quotes and expecting to guilt trip some folks into changing their minds about the decision they have painstakingly made isn’t really very “friendly” of /you/. In my opinion, you should consider that the person making such a request has probably done so at a great cost to himself and only after much thought. You should also consider that this request was not made lightly. You might also want to consider their own perception of life events. If you can’t consider any of those things because you don’t know how they feel about those things, then you might want to consider if you were ever really their friend to begin with. Personally, I find it hard to believe in ‘friends’ who would re-elect someone into office who has proven that he is a traitor, who is not interested in improving or endorsing anything of true and lasting value in this country. Solutions to problems are made much more complex than they need to be and therefore those solutions never get implemented. If you want to be a part of the solution to the current situation in our country, quit outsourcing and start making do with what you have. That will help with the unemployment rate and the financial situation of our country, two very large and menacing problems.

I’m stopping here. I believe I’ve said enough. Remember to breathe.