Flashback to Biloxi

My baby goats went to Georgia to spend part of their summer break with their grandparents. (Shout out to the grands for taking them on!) When we met them in Mobile to bring them back home, we decided to take a short stroll down memory lane. We took a detour and drove down Hwy 90 from Ocean Springs to Gulfport. We stopped at Sharkhead’s so TheRo could see it. After all, she was born there! It’s certainly different than it was when we were stationed there but it’s still a nifty place to go. We took a moment to walk on the beach and smell that wonderful air that can only be found there. The girls played in the sand a little and we tried to remember which buildings were wiped away by Hurricane Katrina. I was really glad to see business was still carrying on and people were still visiting. I miss living there, for certain. What a joy to be able to enjoy it all again, even if only for a short time.