My Baby Goats’ First Concert

If you are nitpicky about anything you term ‘religious’, then this is your heads-up and you might wanna stop reading here since I’m certain this will fall into that category for folks like you. If the previous statement has peaked your curiosity and you want to continue reading, please feel free. Tonight, my husband and I took the baby goats to their first concert. We saw Jimmy Needham. I already liked what I heard on youtube. “Clear The Stage” snagged me with lyrics that were well written, real and to-the-point. And I’ve already claimed “Rock Bottom” as my theme song. But this concert solidified my respect for this artist. Not just a singer, not just a song writer, he also thinks deeply and shared some of those thoughts with us. I needed to hear those words tonight. So now, not only my do my baby goats have a pleasant memory, so do I. I also have a fresh perspective to delve into. Am I doing ‘all to the glory of [my] God’? Am I really? Eating? Drinking? Walking to the mailbox? Am I? Am I looking to and relying on the One person who can truly satisfy me? Am I? Or am I too busy to stop and receive the bountiful feast He wants to give me? We couldn’t have chosen a better first concert for our baby goats. They got to enjoy real music with real lyrics sung by a real human being. Thanks, Jimmy Needham, family, and crew! Keep doing what you do. God is doing an awesome work through you. Thanks so much!

Photo by J.D. Kittles Photography. Used with permission.