Musical Art and Fun

I love music. A lot. All kinds. You can imagine my joy when I happened upon the ‘History of American Music’ unit study from HLN. As part of the 2 week study, my baby goats had to create a working musical instrument. Our youngest chose to make a guitar. Our middle child chose to make a drum. Our oldest is working on a steam whistle but because there were additional parts needed, his project isn’t complete. I was pleasantly surprised with the girls’ projects. I thought I’d share the fun with my readers. I purchased the Arts and Art History Unit Study Bundle, which includes the History of American Music Unit Study, from If you’d like to check out the bundle, then click here. If you’d like to check out this one unit study, click here. No one pays me to say anything in my blog posts and I’m going to keep it that way. I’m just letting people know what I’m using and putting out the links for folks to check it out if they would like to do so. Hope you enjoy this post!