Craziness and Libraries

As crazy as the title of this post is, it’s a great representation of what life has been like in our family over the last couple of weeks. About 4 weeks ago, my sister and I were informed that we were going to be hosting a baby shower for one cousin and one cousin-in-law (a double shower, as it were). Two weeks ago, I found out we were expecting 50 people at this double shower. o.O I don’t mind. Not really. I just prefer to be asked rather than told. I do have stuff to do every day. And I’m not sitting at home every weekend twiddling my thumbs, as it must seem to some folks. {chuckle} Oh, well. My cousins are awesome people and they both deserve a baby shower and it’s such a great thing to celebrate… I can hardly remain annoyed. 🙂 I’m sure everyone will enjoy it. To be fair, my sister is tackling most of the work, since she is aware of our situation. Also about two weeks ago, we had yet another shift in our income. Needless to say, a bit of scrambling had to be done in order to make sure we had what we needed to make ends meet. Thankfully, my boss allowed me to come back to work early. (I was going back in December or January, originally.) But that meant speeding up my lesson planning, which was supposed to happen during the entire month of August. So for the last two weeks, I’ve been putting in as much time as possible on the lesson plans. I know this presents more questions for some of you, my faithful readers. “How are you going to home school when you’re working?” “It’s a part-time position with plenty of time left for teaching my children.” “How are you still sane?” “I don’t know. I’m pretty sure if you looked closely, you’d seen a couple of God’s fingers supporting me so I don’t collapse.” Seriously, though, my faith has a lot to do with how I get through tough times, how I look at situations and circumstances, how I perceive the things around me. It’s my faith that gives me just enough hope to continue putting one foot in front of the other. I used to be a very negative person but I’m finding that as I grow up a little more each day, my outlook is more positive and forward-looking. I like that trend. I am going to do everything I can to continue that trend. Reflection is always good. A mind that recognizes reality is a fabulous thing, too. But a mind that is also receptive to possibilities? Wow! What a lot you can do with that!

So the next part of that kooky title is ‘libraries’ and you’re probably wondering what in the world all that craziness above has to do with /them/. Well, the library is one of my favorite places. Next the the little local coffee shop, it’s definitely my favorite place to go. If it qualified as a place to ‘go out’ to on Friday nights, you could definitely find me there. But part of the old draw was the fact that no one else had discovered the beauty of a wonderfully silent (or mostly silent) library. I know a computer system does make the library run a bit smoother than before. I’m a geek, though, and I prefer looking through the card catalog manually. It required you to focus at least long enough to find that book you really wanted. I can’t stand the fact that the library now has computers that are free to use for anyone. This means that on any given holiday or Saturday (the only times I’m able to go), I will find my local library teeming with life, which does not lend itself well to the beautiful silence of old. I still like hanging out at the library. I love the sights, scents and atmosphere. I wish I was at the library right now. And I wish more people went to the library to read than to check their facebook pages. {sigh}

Laugh a lot and remember to breathe…