Getting Ready For the Holidays

There’s a reason Thanksgiving and Independence Day are my favorite holidays. The preparation for those is so much less stressful and the focus remains entirely on family and togetherness. Christmas is still enjoyable for me but it’s so hectic, it becomes more ‘work’ than ‘holiday’. This week, the girls and I have been working on making and baking goodies to share with our friends and family. We will be making gingerbread men and an experiment in cream cheese and cranberry. I hope it turns out well! :/ Experimenting in the kitchen when you want to give that project to the people you care about can be quite scary! We also started working on our Christmas cards today. We may not get many cards this year as I was unable to send out cards at all last year. I love sending cards. It’s probably my favorite part of the holiday, next to decorating the tree and passing out the gifts I’ve chosen to their recipients. On top of all this holiday prep, we are continuing our school work and normal chores so I’m sure you can imagine how much this adds to our workload. Teamwork is so important right now. I’m truly thankful my girls can help me fill out the Christmas cards. It speeds up the process.

Here’s another video from Epic Network Music. They posted it yesterday but yesterday flew past in blur of schoolwork/chores/goody baking. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!