Christmas Fast Approaches

Christmas is knocking on the door. I think I’m ready for it. I hope so, anyway. I always reflect on the happy times I spent with family at Christmas-time. Happy times with my dad’s family meant storytelling and singing around the piano, which my grandmother, then my mother, played. While my dad’s family harbors such strong personalities, there was still a sense of loyalty and home and love shared between us. Laugher, jokes and good food and conversation were the order of the day. Happy times with my mom’s family meant singing acapella while we were all gathered in my grandmother and grandfather’s tiny living room. The ‘smallness’ of the room never bothered anyone and even though our family is continuing to grow, that small living room is still big enough and filled with just as much love for each one of us. Rousing games of Uno and dominoes, football, good food and conversation were the order of the day. Both of my grandfathers are gone now but their memories are still alive within us. I’m so thankful for those memories. I’m so thankful the time we all had together. I’m thankful, too, that each successive Christmas means that there is an opportunity to make more happy memories, such as the ones I treasure, for my kids to ponder and cherish when they are adults with families of their own. My hope for my children is that they would have many happy memories to carry them through the tough times of growing that come in between.

Laugh a lot and remember to breathe…