Complexity and The Daily Grind

Our vacation and holiday are over. Next Monday will see us back to our usual schedule. Today I was busy with school planning and preparation, both for the upcoming school week and for some of the weeks ahead. I don’t make my future plans too detailed because I will likely change things up a little bit. I do make a tentative plan, though, because I feel it’s very important to have some idea of where my train is heading. I don’t want to end up at the wrong destination, or even worse, completely derailed.

Some time during vacation, I misplaced one of my teacher guides. I can’t even begin to know where I put the book because I always, always, (yes) /always/ put the books I’m using in my bookbag. It’s not there. It’s not in any of the bookcases. It’s not under tables we use for school. It’s not in stacks of past years’ work. The only option I’m left with is that I removed it from my bookbag while on vacation and did not place it back inside. I really do not know. Thankfully, I have another teacher’s guide that is similar and I’ll be able to use it to help me make worksheets along the way. The main topics that are discussed in the guide I still have are also discussed in the one I lost. If I feel this is not working and there is absolutely no hope of finding the lost guide, I’ll spend the money to buy another. I can’t stand the idea that it’s peeping around some corner just watching and waiting for me to place an order before popping out and saying, “Here I am! Nyah!” (sigh)

On a happier note, science planning is coming along nicely, though it is still quite overwhelming at this point. I had to change my plan a bit (see the above comments about flexible planning…). We were going to do a course in botany but I had a hard time finding a basic curriculum that was in our price range. So we’ll tackle earth science, for which I have resources aplenty. In fact, I have so many resources, it’s become quite the task to sort them all out and decide which resource gets tagged with what page of the main book! But it’s coming along. Next week is taken care of and I’ll continue working on it as we go along. I’m sure my method would make some folks scream and pull their hair in frustration but it works for me. When I take the time to make a detailed plan and I end up having to change it, I’m extremely frustrated by the ‘waste of time’. I’d rather have a more flexible plan, even if it means there’s a little more work to be done along the way.

I’d normally have a little more time but I’ll be working on a dress for the Mardi Gras ball over the next couple of Saturdays. Tomorrow we’re going to be having lunch and celebrating Christmas with my parents. And I also have to plan a Sunday School lesson. I’m thinking our lesson will be on ‘resolve’. I have an idea… But all these things take time. If I don’t plan my time wisely, I will definitely end up with a train wreck. (chuckle)

So in honor of today’s complexity and craziness, I’ll share this piece from Rachmaninoff, whose name should really be the definition of the word “complexity”. If you take the time to listen to the video, you’ll see why. In my book, he trumps Mozart, but then again, what does a Cajun country girl from south-central Louisiana know? I just know I love it. 🙂