Spring, Cleaning, And Tunes

First please let me apologize for the pause in posting. Spring is “officially” here, or so the calendar says. But until our pecan tree starts showing some new leaves, I will be expecting little bouts of cold weather. Anyway, with the onset of spring and lots of pretty flowers blooming, I’m sure many of you who are lucky to have seasonal allergies must be hating life right about now. So why do I call you lucky? Well, I’m allergic to dust. Particularly house dust. And today my allergies really kicked me in the butt. Here’s why.

Our family has a big event coming up soon and I decided now was the time to do an intense cleaning and downsizing. I started with the second worse room in our house…our girls’ room. So far, we’ve got 4 bags (Yes! I counted and loaded them with our youngest daughter!) of toys to either give away to a good charity or put in storage. We also have at least one or two bags of clothes to pass on. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things build up in a house. And I often look at all of that stuff in disgust because I know there are quite a lot of folks who don’t have even a quarter of the stuff we do. But that’s a lament for another day. So we’re doing that intense “clean and downsize” thing and I’ve been working for a couple hours each day for the last 3 days. By now, I’m sure you’ve put two and two together and realize my allergies are really having a field day. I’m hoping it’ll take another two days, and no more than that, to finish the job. I guess it will depend on how much and what kind of help I have. But it is getting there.

Tunes were mentioned because, inevitably, there is always a tune running through my head. It’s usually a song we sang at church the previous Sunday, or a song I just heard on the radio, or least desirable of all, a catchy pop tune the girls like to listen to. Why is it that I never seem to sing any songs that I particularly like during my working hours? That’s a question I may never know the answer to, but if I had to guess, I’d say it was because those are the songs that remind me of the people I love and care about. I suppose I can live with that. 🙂

Without further ado, here’s a chillstep mix to wind down with. I hope you’ll enjoy it.