Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The clouds that are inhabiting that blue sky are wispy and dreamlike. And our internet is down. We took our girls to the local coffee shop and I’m able to post to my blog because our coffee shop rocks. But I forgot to bring earbuds so I won’t be able to share any tunes with you today.

I /am/ working on that styrofoam mannequin head, though. Hopefully, I’ll be finished with it by close of day tomorrow. I did the first couple of steps yesterday and added some makeup to the eyes today. Later today, I’ll paint on a few nifty additions and give her at least one more coat of mod podge, if not two. Then the embellishments get added. I’ll have the most fun with that, I think. I usually do. Honestly, so far, she makes me think of Pink Floyd’s song “Welcome To The Machine” and I’m not entirely certain if it’s appropriate or not. Our youngest says she’s creepy but cool and since John agrees, I guess it must be so. Since she’s not completed yet, I will reserve judgment until later. Maybe I can share a tune with y’all today, after all…and I make no guarantees on the stuff in the video. It /is/ Pink Floyd, after all. It’s likely to be somewhat twisted. ­čÖé