Clockwork Fun Tunes

I’ve been working again today on our steampunk costumes. Today was hat and medal day. I finished up the one medal I started working on and created another. I finished up the hat for our youngest baby goat and I’m going to get our middle baby goat’s hat finished or very nearly so. I’m so tired from all the work I’ve been putting into the costumes. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to have enough energy to enjoy the event! *chuckle*

Anyway, here are some tunes that seem to follow the lines of steampunk. Well, in my opinion, they do.

In the case of this next video, it’s the video that’s more steampunk than the song (which indeed has been overplayed) but I believe it’s worth your time for the video. In case you’re wondering, the video is a short movie posted elsewhere on facebook.

And if you’ve ever seen Howl’s Moving castle, you’ll understand why this one’s here. If you haven’t, then you should definitely check it out.

There are so many great songs out there! I really can’t post them all. I’m going to finish my tea, which is now lukewarm, and see if I can recover from creating hats. I think the girls’ hats are done and I made another medal for my husband’s costume. So there are three medals now and one official looking chain ornament. He just needs his jacket. o.O I think I might stay sane. Maybe. Thanks for listening and reading. You guys are awesome!


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