Checked Out Some Different Tunes Today

Mouth of the South ~ If you like hard-hitting drums and lyrics, driving rhythms and metal music, you might like to check this group out. They’re on twitter and facebook, as well as YouTube. It’s not the kind of music I often listen to but from time to time, I do like a change of pace.

J Crum ~ If you like hip hop, rap, steady rhythms and solid lyrics, you might like to check out this artist. My husband really likes his work. Click his name for his official website but you can also find him on facebook, twitter and Sound Cloud, as well as YouTube. I really enjoyed listening to the music on his website.

So it’s not my usual kind of post but I do like to help folks get their artistic wares out to the people, especially when I like something about their work. I know not everyone will enjoy these but I hope they speak positively to someone who stops by my blog. 🙂 Enjoy!