Now Listening To…

I’m still working on my mixed media art projects. I have one panel done and I’m working on panel 2. The first panel screams sunshine, smiles, laughter, joy, freshness… The second panel has an outer space/sci-fi theme. I’m torn between hoping it turns out to be creepy-cute and just plain cute. Either way, it’s coming along nicely. I should be done with it tomorrow.

We had something of a family dance-a-thon tonight. *chuckle* So I’ll share some of the songs we listened to and finish up with either a chill mix or a melodic dubstep mix. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

OK…well, I found this one sitting in the sidebar and hadn’t heard it yet. And it’s pretty fantastic, in every way. I love the costumes and makeup and, as I’ve come to expect from Pentatonix, the vocal talent never ceases to amaze.

My husband is a super guy. And he knows me well. He bought a music book for me containing Oskar Schuster’s works, including this song, which I’m currently trying to learn. Our youngest baby goats have created a dance to go with it which they’ve affectionately dubbed, “Dance of the Suicide Sheep” in honor of MrSuicideSheep. We first heard Oskar Schuster’s work on that youtube channel so it seems appropriate.

As for this next song, ‘Speak Life’ by Toby Mac, the girls have decided it’s appropriate to dance the macarena to it. I don’t know. I don’t question. I just smile and nod and film. “Remember! This is for posterity so, be honest.” ~ The 6-Fingered Count from The Princess Bride

The first group dance our girls learned was in conjunction with backstage antics during their second children’s play. So this one holds many good memories for them, and if I’m honest, me, too.

And here’s the melodic dubstep mix I’m listening to now. I hope you’ll enjoy these and excuse me for being so wordy. There are some things I just want to share more about from time to time. 🙂