OK. Brutal Honesty Time…and Tunes

It’s been months since I’ve had time to mull over my own experiences lately. And to be honest, most of the time, I’m a really nice person with very little to say on any topic except those that truly interest me. But today has been rough. And I need to get some stuff off my chest. So bear with me for this post. And those easily offended, just pass this by and certainly pass on listening to the song because I chose the uncensored version on purpose. For those that do not read my blog when I post actual words, I don’t believe in censoring music because that is the equivalent of butchering someone’s art, someone’s form of expression. You have a choice. Just don’t listen if you don’t like the music. So…on with the rant.

First thing I’d like to vent about is Twitter followers who are so desperate for numbers, they’re willing to follow you, wait for you to follow back, speak knowledgeably about their product or topic of choice, only to unfollow you in less than a month. Really? You or your product sucks so terribly that you have to get followers that way? Is it so terrible that you just have to make sure that your following number is lower than the number of your followers so that you look and maybe even feel more important? Hmmm…maybe you need to do a self-check or an emotion inventory or something? Don’t expect me to continue following a person who has unfollowed me for whatever reason. Also, don’t expect me to follow you if I’m not interested in what you have to say or offer. It’s nothing against you but I don’t want to clutter up my timeline with posts that have no appeal and make me miss all the ones I really want to read.

The second thing I’d like to discuss is this: blog giveaways. I realize the whole point of the giveaways is to build your blog numbers. Fine. I understand that. But I do not understand why it’s necessary for me to follow you on /every/ social media website to even get a fair chance of winning when you don’t have the courtesy to follow me back. I’m also trying to make a living here. In the last 6 months, I’ve followed more bloggers on more social media websites than I can count and I can count on one hand the number of them who have actually had the courtesy to follow me back. So I’m cleaning house.

The third thing I want to rant about is something I also fight with. So don’t think it’s aimed at any one person. This is a general annoyance, the rant on it being sparked by conversations that took place at work. How miserable do we as humans have to be to nitpick about someone’s shorts? Seriously? It’s Monday. We’ve just had to go in to work after a weekend of sleeping in and resting. And you want to start the day off with conversation about someone who looks terrible in shorts and wears clothes that you feel are inappropriate? I’m saying this to me to, who died and made us gods? Who are we to say who can wear what? If we don’t like the way someone looks in something, we can be rude and tell them we don’t like it. We could play like little gods and tell them they shouldn’t be wearing that stuff at their age. Or we could just be mature adults and shut the fuck up. Yeah. It’s that serious to me. If I can’t find something more real to talk about than the fact that someone looks terrible in that dress, then I have a damn serious issue that I really need to get rid of. I can’t stand people being made fun of, so that, I do not do at all. Gossip irritates me and I am guilty of doing it from time to time. I need to stop. It makes my work day three times longer and harder than it should ever be. We’re not in high school anymore. Let’s grow up a bit, shall we? Or maybe grow down a bit to the age where it didn’t matter what so-and-so wore or what color their skin or hair or eyes were. I dunno but I do know I want better things for my life. And if you went ahead and read this post in spite of the disclaimer in paragraph 1, and you find yourself offended by what I had to say here, feel free to unfollow my blog, my fb, my Instagram, my Pinterest, whatever. I’ll choose quality over quantity anytime. If that makes me a terrible person in your eyes, then you don’t need to be following me anyway.

And probably less offensive to the masses but just as truthful…