News and Tunes

It was not my intent to skip posting on any days this week. After my birthday, things got really hectic. I am finally getting Unchained Emporium (my business) up and running. Today was the first day I was able to get a table out at our local Farmer’s Market. My husband and our daughters made a few things they wanted to try selling as well. I’m happy to say we all made a little bit of money. It was definitely worth our time. I wish more people would come out, though. The folks who grow veggies and fruits and make the baked goods, do all that work and sometimes they don’t sell but one or two items. It’s really sad if that hard work goes to waste! My items will last a while but fresh fruits and veggies and baked goods won’t. And some of the vendors are disabled or retired and need that extra income to help them make it through the month. Please support your local artists, musicians and small business owners and definitely support the folks who are willing to fight with a garden so others can have good food to eat.

Didn’t mean to be a downer. I did have a wonderful time out at the Farmer’s Market with my family and the other vendors. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze. I had a lovely date with my husband. We got to watch some fantastic cloud formations and lightning today. And my business/creations blog is all refreshed and like new. All in all, today was a win! So here are some nice tunes to end a beautiful day.

Only one video but it’s a nice, long chill mix. I hope you enjoy it!