Coffee and Tunes

Yes. It’s 4:23 and I’m drinking some coffee. It’s the last bit that was in the pot and coffee is too precious to waste. I couldn’t get YouTube to work for some odd reason so I’ll be sharing tunes from SoundCloud today. I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much! If you’ve never checked out SoundCloud, you should definitely browse the site while you have a chance. Musicians from all over can upload and share their work, whether they are just starting out or have done a few gigs. There are even some who are really going strong in the music industry! The theme I chose for today is ‘solace’, mainly because it was one of the titles of the songs that pulled up in my YouTube suggestions but goodness knows, we all could do with a bit of serenity after a hectic day’s work and music is one area in which I find solace. I hope you will enjoy these tunes. 🙂