It’s Time For Words

I normally post music because music makes me happy, generally. Music doesn’t talk about me behind my back (though that says more about the talkers than it actually does about me.) Music doesn’t have an opinion about my work. I don’t have to rely on it, nor does it have to rely on me, except for it to be heard. There is a point to all this. I’m glad I already posted music today but I may have to post music again to calm down after I vent.

Facebook and small business…*head shake* It’s a really terrible match. Small businesses really have to fight to be seen on facebook, and small businesses like mine and my husband’s are like ants in New York City compared to some of the other ‘small businesses’ out there. Or at least, that’s how facebook makes me feel. Maybe I should post this on my business page. And I might later. I don’t know. But it’s a rant, so perhaps it’s best to keep it here on my personal blog.

When Kittles Family Artworks was still a business (our family business, including John’s photography and my creations and our children’s creations), we started a facebook page. Almost immediately, I could see it was going to be an uphill climb. I had to fight to get my own friends and family to like the page. And then I had to watch and wait and rejoice over each random like, just like a dejected puppy waiting for a pat on the head. Well, guess what facebook, I’m worth more than that. And my time is certainly worth more than that. I don’t have time for your social experimentation shenanigans. I have work to do and it’s good work, real work. And it means something to me, even if I mean nothing at all to you. If I have extra money, it is poured into my business (Unchained Emporium) or my husband’s business (J.D. Kittles Photography).

I work a part time job. John is working full time as a professional photographer. John and I both teach our children at home. We are even involved in community things, and I still find time to promote for others, comment on others’ creations, like and share others’ posts. I believe in helping each other out! I believe in promoting artists and musicians you like! I know I’m not the only one out there. I know there are others.  I have no extra money to spend on music or artwork, myself right now but I can tell others the works are out there and available to those who /can/ afford it, who can help small businesses by making purchases with them.

I won’t ask for sponsors because that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a personal thing. And I won’t ask my friends and family to buy my jewelry or artwork if they don’t like it. My jewelry really is targeted at a certain crowd and, being totally honest, it’s going to be difficult to get it out to them, since I have to vend for that and vending costs. Steampunk, SCA, Renaissance Faire, all kinds of cosplay and costuming events would be appropriate settings for my jewelry, as well as for the quirky few who wear what they want, when they want, no matter what anyone says. *chuckle*

When people say, “Do what makes you happy!” or “Follow your dreams!” or “You’re so great at that! You should do it for a living!” I have to wonder if they really understand what they are saying and who they are saying it to. Are they taking /me and my family/ into account? What about our obligations? It is more frustrating than ever to be told, “People pay big bucks for that stuff online!” when you first have to pay big bucks to make that particular item and then have to pay big bucks to market that product to the “right people” who can afford to pay for that product. We are still functioning on a very, very tight budget. I don’t mind that, but I would like to make mine and my husband’s businesses work well enough that we didn’t have to sweat it out at the end of each month. We’ve managed without going back to food stamps, even though we probably qualify. And we’re doing our best to avoid having to go that route. One day our business will succeed and we will continue working toward making them successful, viable businesses but right now, the only way to get our names out there is for others to share our things. If you can’t buy from us, share our pages! Like our stuff! Bump up our numbers to help us be seen by those who /can/ purchase from us. And don’t just do it for us. Do it for every small business you think is worth your time and the time of others you know.

Are you ready now? Ready to help us out? Because please don’t follow me at these places if you have no intention of sharing any of the items I have that you think others may like. Please don’t hold me in that kind of utter contempt. You can find me (Melody) on Flickr, Etsy, facebook (personal), Instagram (personal), deviantART, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can read my business blog by clicking the link in the third paragraph. I have a special board where I share John’s photography since he’s not very active on Pinterest. John’s photography can mainly be seen at his blog (see link in paragraph 3 and check out his similar post), facebook, Instagram, deviantART, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, and Tumbler.

Don’t ask me about LinkedIn. No. Just no. I have enough to handle with the above mentioned sites and I’m getting ready to add another one. Besides that, LinkedIn is too intrusive.

So please, if you check out our stuff, and you like what you see, please pass it on! Please give us feedback. We don’t know what you like or don’t like if you never say a word to us. Rant over.

For those that have been supporting us with likes, shares, reblogs, feedback, encouragement, and your business, we appreciate you more than you know! Thank you for being there and cheering us on each step of the way.

Now. It’s time for tea and tunes…so stay tuned, please!


4 thoughts on “It’s Time For Words

  1. Unfortunately a lot of that hit home with me. We’re in the same position and it’s very frustrating. I despise facebook but have a page on there because it’s too huge to ignore, but I’m looking forward to the day when business takes off enough to get rid of it. I can’t afford to buy anything but will share more, and I’m planning on doing an Etsy treasury each day and I’ll pop your work on some of those! x


    1. I think a lot of people are in this position right now. And because of the major changes in the economy, we can’t just keep blindly going about things the way we used to do them. We, as a people, can’t be so inward focused, I think. And thank you in advance for the sharing! I just realized I put in my header that I’d be adding things to my shop monthly and now I’m unable to do that. So I’ll have to go change the header. I’m glad you mentioned Etsy here or I would’ve forgotten! So thanks again! And thank you for taking the time to comment, Lainey. I really appreciate that!

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