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Tea and Tunes

Hello again! I was scrolling through my ‘watch later’ list on YouTube earlier today when I stumbled upon this music mix. It’s not going to be everyone’s cuppa, but I’m going to share it anyway. Without further ado, here’s an electroswing music mix from Leah Brown Music’s channel. Check it out and subscribe if you like what you see!


Tea and Tunes…Minus Tea

The high note of this weekend is the concert my husband and I will be attending tomorrow. I’m so very excited about being able to see The Choir, Mike Roe of The 77’s, and Kevin Max perform live. I truly never thought I’d ever get to see these guys on stage. While Kevin Max has had several concerts close enough for us to attend in theory, turning that theory into reality has proven quite difficult. Such is the life of the low income family, I suppose. I’m truly thankful for artists such as these who are putting their music out there and offering some of it for free from time to time. So for today’s music, I’ll share some of my favorite songs, one from each of these artists. I hope you will see the beauty in them, too.

This one is one of my most favorite songs of all. I love the VIVID imagery painted by the lyrics. My mother listened to some of the lyrics and asked me, “Why?” I guess she didn’t see the beauty I did.

And this song from Mike Roe of The 77’s always makes me smile.

Okay, so this can’t possibly be a favorite yet…since it’s his new album. I still want to share it. Kevin Max has such a wonderful voice – great range and clarity, and a sort of velvety smoothness that’s extremely easy to listen to. Click here to enjoy his newest album “Broken Temple.” Here is one of my favorite songs, probably because if you listen to the song, then watch the video, it’s just…odd…and artistic…and wonderful.

If you like what you’re hearing, you can find the The Choir here, The 77’s here, and Kevin Max here. Any of these artists can be found in many places online. Don’t forget to support them by sharing their work and making a purchase when and if you are able. Thanks for listening!

Now about that ‘minus tea’ bit…well, I neglected to bring our tea along for the trip. Ah, well. What’s done is done. I will doubly enjoy it when next I have a warm cup. See you next time!

Tea and Tunes Is Back!

Beautiful Chillstep Mix #17【1 Hour】:

Tea and tunes is back! I haven’t been able to post recently because of a very busy season at work. I’ll be getting back into my rhythm now that it’s over. This is how my posts will look most of the time, since I’ll be posting most often through my phone. It may mean you’ll have to click the link. I’ll see what I can do to make the posts show the actual video. I’m still pretty new at blogging through my phone. I hope you enjoy this chillstep mix!

Tea and Tunes

My apologies for yet another long break between posts. This time, the cause was bad weather knocking out the internet. I hope you’ll enjoy these tunes as you drink your tea…or coffee…or other warm beverage of choice. We are, after all, getting into colder weather in our neck of the woods. Hot cocoa and hot apple cider are two nice choices to warm you on cold nights.

For the long mix, I’ve chosen ambient music with a space theme. I hope you enjoy it!

Tea and Tunes

My sincerest apologies for such a long space between posts! The only reasons I can give are being very busy and very tired. We’re preparing for Thanksgiving so that’s taken up some of our time, as well. John and I will be enjoying our tea to the gems I discovered this evening. I hope you will enjoy the tunes, as well.

Electus has posted a couple of new tunes I’d like to share with you this evening. You saw that coming, right? Since all my readers know I love Electus. 🙂 This first one is…mechanical! It sounds that way to me, anyway, like making clever use of interesting objects to create music…

The second one also has a mechanical sound but it seems more magical, too.

The next two are short. I’m having trouble finding long mixes I haven’t already shared, that I also think are nice enough to pass on to my readers.

After listening to this one, I think I really like the style of the Adventure Club remixes. They build you up, drive you forward, give you rest, then build you up again. I find it interesting enough to keep listening in most cases. 🙂

Tea and Tunes

I just put our tea water on the stove to boil. These are the tunes John and I are winding down to while we enjoy the evening. Short pieces tonight…no long mixes…but I hope you’ll enjoy them just the same. 🙂

Tea and Tunes

It has been one busy day today! I ‘sewed’ the inseam of a pair of pants while at work today, only to find that I’d forgotten to thread the needle. Thankfully, that was my only time consuming mistake and easily fixable. We also went to vote today. As expected, my desired candidate got shoved aside for Vile and More Vile options. Ugh…I really hate politics.

As John and I wait for our tea to steep, we’re winding down with these tunes. I really need them today. I hope you enjoy them!

Tea and Tunes

The time snuck up on me tonight! I’m watching football with my husband and waiting for the water to boil for tea. Here is a tune or two for you to enjoy. Both are from Electus. I’m really impressed with the stuff I hear from there.