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Letter To My Facebook Friends and Family

Mozilla Firefox and facebook seem to have some kind of conflict going on, at least on my computer. I’ve done everything I can do on my end and facebook is still causing my browser to crash. So I will be exiting that particular area of the social media world. As a matter of fact, I’m posting this here so I can be sure it will post to facebook without any trouble, which accounts for the wording of the letter. I’m seriously fed up. I would blame it on the new changes but it was happening before those were implemented on my account. Anyway, without further ado…the letter…and an appropriate tune…or two…or three to go along with it.

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m not sure what it is, or who’s at fault (Mozilla or facebook…though my bet is on facebook…), but I am having serious issues with facebook that are really inhibiting my use of the internet. So. I’m done. I’ll take it as a sign that I really don’t need facebook after all. I will miss all of you who don’t have my email or some other way to keep in touch. If you haven’t gotten that from me by now, I’m truly sorry. I’m even typing this message in my document writing program, rather than try to type it all in only to have Mozilla crash yet again. And it’s definitely the interaction between facebook and Mozilla browser because it is only happening when I try to work on facebook. I’m really going to miss all the funny memes and anecdotes posted by you guys. If you want to know what KFA is up to, you can catch our news at http://www.kittlesfamilyartworks2012.wordpress.com/ or you can find us at twitter @KittlesArtworks. If you want to know what I’m personally up to, you can check out my personal blog, though you’ll mostly get music posts there. http://www.muddledmawkishness.worpress.com/ I have a pinterest account if you want to see photos of things I find interesting or funny or worth my time. I’m Pianolady32 there. Thanks for the good coversations, the fun and laughs, and thanks for the memories.

And now I can say I’m no longer in the facebook rat race. Love and peace…

(I don’t even watch this show but I’ve heard about it and have friends who do so…)

And just because you should always try to look for a bright side…